07 September 2009

Fireman, Ring the Belle

Is that toast?


Did the heat come on?


Smells like hot dust or something. Hmm.


"What, sweetie, I'm almost done reading the story."
"Where's my Belle doll?"
"I don't know, what did you do with her?"

(small voice) "I dunno."

"Well, we'll look for her tomorrow. G'night, sweet pea."

(goes to turn out bedside lamp) "AIIIGGGGHHH!"


The black-brown oval in the center? That used to be little rubber feet. Fortunately, the rest scraped off the light bulb pretty easily. No one was injured, no open flames. But, man, it stank.


  1. You're right! The first heat of the season always smells a bit like burning doll feet!


    It does!

    Happy Labor Day, my friend.

  2. I had an incident similar...laundry basket + boiler....yeah it didn't smell good for days in here!

  3. Glad you found it before you had a real problem on your hands.

  4. So. Ick. Poor Belle. But really, hanging around with a candelabra all this time? She should have known better.

  5. She probably mistook the lamp for Lumiere.

  6. Pamela, you rock...

    And why does this all sound so strangely familiar?

    Care Bear figurines in the broiler drawer...that's why.

    "Enterprise, what we got back didn't live very long... fortunately."

    Peace - Rene

  7. I knew she was a Witch.

    She had the appearance of weighing more than a Duck.

  8. I thought childrens toys were supposed to be indestructible. ~wink~

  9. Oh man, that made me laugh! It really does happen that innocently, doesn't it?

  10. Poor Belle. She always did want to be in the spotlight. That taught her, huh?

  11. We've got electrical heat so I have to go around and check eat one for plastic toys before turning the heat on.

  12. Hey, it could have been the cat in the microwave. I'm just sayin'...

  13. poor belle! and at least it wasn't a bag of gummie bears in your car on a 109 degree day, and you were just running into the library for a minute...and oh my god when you picked the bag of gummie juice up, how it ooozed through the melted bag (cuz sugar when it gets that hot, melts plastic and oozed all over your car seats...and now the ants, OH the fricking ants....at least it wasn't THAT!!

  14. I was trying to email you but it was fuzting so I gave up and am writing here. Thank you, thank you for your comment on my blog post ' a beautiful unkindness '. I am going to keep it and reread it. The essential integrity of your understanding and words was wonderfully obvious. I really need to read things like that, from people like you, who can tell the truth. So glad to have found you.

  15. That is hideous, but I'll bet the smell was not as bad as the time one of our guests left a dirty ear-plug on the radiator...

  16. Great now I have to be scared of "doll-caused" fires.

  17. Hi Irish
    I'm writing a musical play, and upbeat version of "The Wizard Of Oz" and I'm looking for a great character for the Lion Man - he could do with some of your courage.
    Marguerite recommended you - are you up for it?
    If so I'll write it all up and post it in installments - should be a hoot. Suldog is the wicked witch of the West.
    Best wishes ~ Eddie

  18. Am I an idiot because I am finding endless entertainment in reading these comments?


  19. That would have anxiety and trauma written all over it at my house!

  20. Oh yeah, nothing like some hot plastic to clear the room.

  21. When I was a little girl, I put my doll on the radiator to keep it warm. It's face melted. My mom threw it in the trash and my big sister took it out and teased me with it.

    I clicked on your link because I loved the name of your blog! Looks like we have a few friends and stalkers in common. Nice to meet you.

  22. We recently had to send "Sophie" the American Girl doll off to the doll hospital...for a new head. We tried to keep it a secret but when she came back, Miss G read the receipt. Talk about trauma...


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