06 January 2011

Belly Full of Clementines, Head Full of Rocks

Just a little update on the miracles:  For the first time EVER, I managed to eat an entire box of clementines before they started to rot.  There were about 24 to 26 clementines in that box, and I finished it off just shy of
1-1/2 weeks.  Whew!

Now I'm feelin' all orangey and stuff.

My next challenge: eat an entire cantaloupe all by myself before it goes bad.  I tell, this 'eating healthier' kick is turning out to be more strenuous than I imagined...


  1. I'm on bananas, for my legs. The potassium is supposed to help with my restless leg syndrome.

  2. I'd rather feel orangey than bannanaey. I think.

  3. I threw away 3 old clementines yesterday...

    Congrats. :-)

  4. i have 6 sitting in a bowl. However, I also have an empty chip bag in the garbage can.


  5. I'd have a problem with the clementines - citrus gives me heartburn if I eat too much of it. The cantaloupe, though? I'd have a hard time not eating it at one sitting.


  6. It's difficult purchasing and eating food when it's mostly just yourself. I have more food rot on me than I care to acknowledge. I've finally stopped buying green salad makings because it's winter and my body just doesn't want a crisp cold green salad.

    Hey - I found something you might be interested in: http://ariverofstones.blogspot.com/2010/12/welcome.html

    I just might give it a go.

  7. I wonder if this is what happened to John Boehner?

    Or carrots? Maybe it's carrots.

    There must be some explanation.

  8. Are clementines the same as "Cuties"? I can't tell you how many Cuties I ate while in Austin. They're so small and sweet and the rind practically slides off. But I don't think I'm orange. Unless my eyes are and, once again, they are deceiving me.

    P.S. Jeanne, it's yams. The man is all yammed up.

  9. dammit i knew i forgot to do something before i left town...there are 2 oranges sitting on the counter (from before christmas) that I meant to do 'something' with.....

    ya know, if you take all those peels, you can probably candy them, or at least use the zest if there is any, to make a nice face wash...oh never mind....Look, Ma! I posted!!

  10. I think I'll go buy some Clementines. You done flung a craving on me.

  11. I am working on it now...four to go...a friend saw my post on fb about my fruit feast, she thought I was doing a cleanse LOL maybe I am!

  12. get all metro and buy a melon baller - scoop it all up into melon balls and throw blueberries in the mix and life is excellent.


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