23 January 2011

Next There Will Be a 'No Cough' List

Warning:  This post has been floating around for a few days, always had something better to post up.  I wrote it in a fit of pique.  But even second-string work eventually makes it to the top of the slush pile, and sometimes it is better to just publish and get it out of the way.  I promise, better things are on the way.

Almost two weeks ago in Arizona, a person who had no business to possess firearms easily purchases equipment to make a deadly device even deadlier.  As we know, tragedy ensued.

This past Sunday in my home state of Maryland, I was asked to show my driver's license to purchase one bottle of over-the-counter liquid cold and flu medicine, from a large, national retailer (rhymes with "Arrgh-het!).  Not only that, I was told by the cashier that she couldn't just look at in while it was still in my wallet.  She had to scan it.

Scan it. At the register.  I'll give you a moment to let that sink in.  (whistling)

Seriously?  They think I might be trying to get high, or make my own narcotics?  Really?  This 40-ish guy with a salt and pepper beard who was also purchasing paper towels, windshield washer fluid and a box of Band-Aids?

It was one bottle.  Good thing they checked, because otherwise I might do something dangerous and irresponsible...like take it as directed, and then fall asleep.

No wonder things seem so out of kilter these days.


  1. I could see asking for ID if you were stocking up on the stuff, but one bottle hardly warrants suspicion. It's not even a prescription product! This is too much. We live in a complicated and sick world where we overreact - constantly - thereby making life even more complicated and ridiculous.

  2. it was the windshield washer fluid that singled you out for "identification" combined with the OTC cough medicine!
    talk about a macgyver selection of weapons of mass destruction! ;~D xoxo

    (i couldn't resist! i agree with you and TaraDharma. we seem to focus on the wrong things and then something horrible happens, it's too little too late.)

  3. Now if they'd just stop me from buying cleaning products...then I'd have an excuse, right?

  4. At first glance I thought this was a 'bend over and cough' kind of post, or maybe I needed to suggest 'holding a pillow to your tummy when you cough' mommy advice post...

    Oh goodness, I have heard there are chemicals in cold medicines used for bomb making and other devices...hubby is associated through work to this knowledge...unbelievable, but true...

  5. Yeah, Old Dog got into trouble for trying to buy two packages of Zyrtec in one week.

    My allergies will send him to prison one day.

  6. That's wackadoodle.


  7. Cough syrup, paper towels, windshield washer fluid and a box of Band-Aids? Ye Gods man, don't realise Jet Jackson made a surface to air missile out the exact same items? (1969, episode 244) They're on to you man; do you look good in an orange jumpsuit?

  8. Sounds as if you could be concocting a new form of meth or something. Isn't society just crazy? People can walk around with guns strapped to them. We, the people, have figured out a way to make killing drugs from cold medicine and fertilizer. I wonder at the base fears that drive all this insanity.


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