11 January 2011

My Skill Set Has A Few Holes

Revelations, brothers and sisters!  This week, I was brought up short at the end of the chain.  Yes, indeed, the light of Mildly Bothersome Truth has glared into the Shed of Secrets that resides in the back yard of my mind.  Consequently, there is a vexation upon my heart.  Ladies and gentlemen, there are two things I cannot do.

I cannot sew on a button, and I cannot make a balloon animal.  Specifically, a dog.  I live in small shame at these revelations.

Why does this matter?  Recently, I have encountered situations where possession of those particular skills would have served me well.  In the case of buttons, it would save me some trouble.  In the case of balloon animals, it would have made my Wee Lass all the happier.  (sigh).

The buttons I can live without a little longer, but being able to make my daughter smile by fixing a balloon animal?  Well, that would be the bees' knees.

Time to man up, I guess, and get that "Balloon Animals for Dummies" manual.


  1. I bet there's a website to teach you to make balloon doggies in here somewhere. As for the button? Isn't that what dry cleaners are for?

  2. lol....safety pins, my friend. And hire a clown. The man who can do everything, needs no one.

  3. go to the source of all thing s needed, sugar! the internet!! xoxoxox

    (this was a very funny exposé of the unknown gumbo, sugar!)

  4. Ha ha! I can't make balloon animals either. I CAN sew on buttons, though, depending on the garment. And, where you have a metaphorical shed in the backyard of your mind, I have an actual shed in the backyard of my... backyard. :D

  5. IG, you buy those long balloons and then you fake it. :-)

    I believe in you!


  6. i can't make the balloon animals either. But my boys are way older that your wee lass!

  7. IG..I can't even blow up a balloon...how lame is that?

  8. lookee here what i found ya:

  9. I am HOPELESS when it comes to sewing, but please do go by a drugstore and buy a little mending kit -- various needles, different colored thread. It's quite easy to replace a button - I did this just this week! I felt so proud.


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