13 January 2011

Extreme Translucency

I just learned the secret of invisibility,
its a lot easier than you think
even if the cost is something
you cannot afford, do not want to afford

All it takes is bad luck, a sunny day,
and a simple inability to run fast,
to duck the path of evil hurtling along
faster than the speed of sound

Put yourself in the center of that vortex,
walk close to someone more famous than you
wait for Lucifer's hammer to fall, hard,
then listen to the voices make you an "Other"

wearing your cloak of extreme translucency.


  1. I'm invisible quite often. Mostly in restaurants but sometimes in stores. Waiters do not see me and pass me by, as do the sales clerks. Unless, of course, I am not in need of either.

  2. I hope that I don't get in that vortex by chance or purpose.

  3. Steve swears he's invisible. And married to the queen of "out there in all her Glory".

    I don't get him sometimes. ;)

  4. i think I know exactly what you are referring to Kevin. Who ever else was in that group is quite evidently invisible to the entire world....but they are starting to pop out here and there as the media jostles for more information.....

  5. Ah, I get what you are saying here. It's the others beyond the congresswoman, the judge and that sweet little nine year old girl. And I agree, it's a shared tragedy. Can't imagine being a family member of someone else in it that survived or died. Their lives are just as valuable. Had it been a crowd of "Average Joes"? we'd know more about the rest of them than "two others were released from the hospital today".

  6. My work computer seriously doesn't like you. And while I'm sure those other people were very important to someone, their injuries and deaths just don't buy advertising dollars. A judge and a Congresswoman though... well that's different.


"Let your laws come undone
Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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