09 October 2008

Hey, GOP: Demand Your Money Back. Seriously.

A big ol' bowl of stupid:


I don't know where to begin. I am at a loss for words. Almost.

Is Andrea Tantaros expecting us to take this seriously? Evincing "outrage" over a non-issue, breathtaking in its vapidity, so monumentally STUPID?

One thing that was a little unclear: Andrea's title says "Republican Media Consultant". Does that mean she is a consultant working for Republicans, or a consultant that happens to be a Republican?

She could not even stick to a point, assuming she had one. Pissed off because the photo was unretouched? Or a supposedly unflattering headline? Pissed because she secretly wants to be on the cover? A true WTF moment.

Let's deconstruct a little: It's a slap in the face because...

"The photo was unretouched." So Newsweek should do the 'right' thing and purposefully alter the truth? Wouldn't that make them...Republicans? The assertion that Newsweek should have done it because other magazines always do it for fashion models "to cover up the lines, pores, etc." indicates a level of absurdity approaching the toxic. This is a presidential election, not a photo shoot for Elle.

"Sarah Palin is a gorgeous woman." If that is true, then why does her photo need retouching?

"Sarah Palin is a gorgeous woman." And gorgeous women couldn't possibly have pores.

(Paraphrase) "They put a halo on Barack" No they didn't. Please, get your head out of your ass.

Getting all hot and bothered, by claiming the "one of us, that's the problem" as an insult to us 'folks' out here, is stunning in its inanity. The McCain-Palin ticket has been pushing the hockey mom-regular person angle since day one of this debacle. So which is it? Is Sarah Palin an average person who can understand 'Joe Six-Pack'? If she is, then shut the hell up. The headline wasn't an insult in that case, YOU MISSED THE POINT.

If Palin is not the 'average' person we have been told she is, then the GOP has been deliberately misleading us 'folks'. In which case I am even less inclined to believe them, much less vote for the ticket. I am saddened and furious by such an insulting, patronizing treatment of us as citizens. How can the Republicans say with a straight face that Sarah Palin is qualified, that we can trust Senator McCain's judgement, that they really can lead effectively? With the debacle in Iraq, the worsening situation in Afghanistan, Iran and Russia increasingly belligerent, and an economic situation that looks like the Titanic, I expect better than what we are getting. No, I DEMAND better. If your house is on fire, don't stand in your front yard complaining about the dandelions in mine. Complaining so vociferously about a magazine cover shows just how out of touch and desperate SOME Republicans have become.

Overblown "outrage" like that witnessed on Fox is like fake crying from children: Annoying at best. But REALLY annoying and offensive when it is coming from someone who knows better and does it anyway. If I hired a media consultant for political coverage, and this is what I got in return, I would demand my money back, I suggest to whoever hired Ms. Tantaros that they do the same.

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