08 October 2008

Road Food, Part 1

I traveled to Boston earlier this year, in May, for the American Institute of Architects annual convention. I had to go by myself this year, couldn't bring the Wife-N-Child this time. This meant I was alone, untethered, set loose in a city where it is a) Easy to walk around; b) Easy to find Guinness; and c) Easy to find good eats.

Aaaahhh, the Garden of Eden (Eating?). Convention? What? Where?

Fortunately, I was able to STICK TO THE PLAN. Said plan consisted of me grabbing my stuff, heading for the nearest 'T' stop, quick ride for educational and business type stuff at the Convention Center (Note: The Hynes Convention Center is freakin' HUGE. Pack a lunch, wear comfortable shoes), then a breakneck trip through downtown Boston for lunch and sightseeing and stuff for the Folks Back Home.

I exercised more in three days than I had in three months. Man, was it worth it! I ate some seriously dee-lish victuals, including a pastrami sandwich as big as my face. Sam LaGrassa's, on Province Street, in case you find yourself in need of lunch in Beantown. I tried running back to the T after that; Pastrami + jogging + briefcase = hernia/near hurl. Great sandwich, bad idea.

The second night I was there, it was raining, I was lonely and tired, and found myself wandering around the Downtown Crossing area. I had almost decided to grab a sandwich and head back to my hotel, when I happened to read in my NFT (Not For Tourists) guidebook a little blurb for the Silvertone Bar & Grill. Persuasive, plus it mentioned comfort food (i.e. mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, the usual suspects). Looking up form the book I could see the diner sign just down the block. You know what happened next.

The place was packed, but I got a table by the bar because I was by myself. I think the hostess took pity on me. So I ordered a beer (Harpoon lager, I think) and made eyes at the meatloaf. The waiter recommended it, said he ate that regularly of all the things on the menu. Tired, a little buzzed (empty stomach, remember?) I took the meat loaf.

Oh.My.God. This wasn't just meat loaf, this was Meat Loaf Prime. The Ur-Meat Loaf. The Big Bang of Meat Loaf. With the mashed potatoes and green beans, it was too much. But I ate everything, mopped the plate, then scraped up the last molecule of gravy with my spoon. I would have licked the plate if I wasn't in public.

Here it is, in all its glory, perhaps the Best Meat Loaf In The World:

Best of all, I felt at home, warm and dry, and not so alone anymore. Many thanks to the Silvertone. If you make it to Boston, look 'em up.

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