11 October 2008

The Pork? Meh.

So I mentioned a sandwich yesterday. I went to a local 'cue restaurant (which shall remain unidentified for now) as I feeling rather carnivorous and jonesing for some smoked meat. The special was a pork sandwich, bunned, sopped in spicy sauce. It was plenty o' meat, I had every reason to believe that it would hit the spot. Or at least come close enough to the spot that I could make it to dinner without undue snackage. It arrived on a plate accompanied by a mound of green beans (more on those later), looking all cute and yummy. Just the hit I needed!

Then I took my first bite. Ahhh....wait. Hold on. chew,chew,chew..? Pork it was, and there was a sauce like substance. The pork was a bit dry, chewy (although sometimes that isn't necessarily bad), but it didn't have that lusciousness a good BBQ needs. The sauce was wet, sure, but no kick. Hey, man, where's the HEAT, the TANG? A few bites later, I was getting desperate. I was so hungry though I couldn't give UP. Plus I was paying for this! Finally, I had to admit defeat. The 'cue was just, well, meh.

It didn't suck, but it didn't really satisfy, you know? You know that saying about pizza:

Pizza is like sex: when it's good, it's REAL GOOD, but even if it is bad, it's still pretty good.

That doesn't apply in this case. Mediocre seems a bit worse than truly AWFUL, at least then righteous anger is justifiable. Here I was just disappointed. They could have done better. They HAVE done better.

So it was with a sigh I turned to the green beans. Hallelujah! There amongst the crunchy greenness were bits of crispy bacon. And just about everything tastes better with bacon on it.

Now, if had only had a pint to go with it...

Query: How do you feel when you get mediocre food? Does it make you sad, or do you just suck it up and go back to work? How about a Worst Food Experience? I'm curious.

(Note: I left out names because I want to give them another chance. I like them, but like a friend with less than fresh breath, I haven't figured out how to TELL them.)

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