03 December 2010

Happy Friday: The Nice Files

Let's just get it out there that this week has been a stinker.  Not catastrophic, not my-house-just-fell-into-a-volcano kind of bad, but a stinker all the same.  A big, greasy wurst of Too much to do, wrapped in a charred pastry Blanket of Angst, topped off with a nasty dollop of Too Many Bills.  Oh, and I was going to be home later than usual.  So it is safe to say that I was all prepared to get home, change into my sweatpants and hide under the pillows on my bed.

Fortunately, there was an alternative waiting for me, times two.

NICE THING #1:  The tea I ordered a week ago, shipped the cheap, slooooow way, finally arrived and was perched on my doorstep.  Hooray!  I likes me some India black tea, of the Assam lineage, and now I have fresh malty/smoky/brisky to warm me up these chilly mornings.

EVEN NICER THING #2:  Earlier this month, I commented on this post by Unmitigated, and made a remark about a book in the background of the photo.  Well, to my pleasant surprise, the lurvely and thoughtful Mary replied to my comment and offered to send me the book if I would read it.  So today, in my mailbox, was the package containing the book*.  How about THAT, dear ones?  That is all kinds of nice, and that made my day.  In New Orleans, they would call that a 'lagniappe', a little something extra, which warms the heart.  If you can, drop by her place and say hello.  Thanks, Mary!

*"The Dymaxion World of Buckminster Fuller" in case you wanted to know.  Yeah, yeah, I'm a geek. 


  1. Mmmm, the tea sounds good! And... I just fell in love with Buckminster Fuller. You have one of the few blogs, my friend, that inspires me to look up what I am unfamiliar with, and I am yet again not disappointed. Bucky was my kind of guy!

    My Friday is nice too! I nailed my interview today (your yesterday), and I've got to more tomorrow (your today)!

    Best in everything, man.


  2. Ah, a bit of Nice during Crap Week is always a good and welcome thing. And there are few more deserving of Nice than you.

    Happy Friday, Irish.


  3. Isn't it great when a crappy day ends with nice things? Enjoy your tea and your book!

  4. someone once told me they called jogging pants "give up pants." Ponder that.
    Your book sounds intriguing, but too brain-intensive. I'm reading "Outlander" right now, and daydreaming constantly about Scottish highlanders who take what they want. Good fodder for the ennui-centric housewife.

  5. oh, and getting things in the mail KICKS ASS

  6. I always like to get something in the mail other than bills and junk.Got one this week from the govenor of Alaska. Thought cool they need me. I was have right, they need me to be a tourist and visit. Wrote a heartfelt letter back asking him to send me a ticket and I will stay a while and even stop by his place. No reply, not even a computerized we recieved your email.

  7. Getting stuff in the mail is always good.

  8. I love getting things in the mail. I love that Mary sent you a book, and it totally makes sense that you are into Buckminster Fuller.

    Have had an insane week here too. Tomorrow I finish my semester/program. So looking forward to Sunday...

    Happy weekend, Kevin.

  9. all i have been getting in the mail lately are packages from work, bills and christmas cards from those losers who do them in their "free time" over Thanksgiving break.....pa tooooey....enjoy the tea and the book.....you lucky devil...all the other stuff will still be waiting for you when get back from your little respite.


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