10 December 2010

My Daughter She Done Told Me: A Clarification

Oh, my.  I am behind, dear readers, on my reading and my writin'.  Due to a flood of work and school and personal commitments, I haven't been able to keep up with the world beyond my shoulders.  I haven't been able to respond as promptly to the many wonderful comments I have received on the Gumbo recently, and I want everyone to know I'm very grateful for the kind words and some cool links that folks have been leaving for me.  If I haven't gotten back to some of you, it's only because I'm swimming upstream as fast as I can, but life is like drinking from a fire hose sometimes.  Whew.

One thing I did want to clarify, from yesterday's post.  I see now that I may have inadvertently created some concern amongst some folks, based on the passages referencing bottles and pills.  Please know that the post had its roots in the temptation to reach for such things, and trying to come to terms with it.  I  generally avoid self-medication, I've seen the terrible consequences, and even though some might disagree, I am smart enough to stay away from such things.  They aren't much of a short-term strategy, and they sure as hell don't qualify as a long-term solution.

Besides, a daughter's gifts give me all the reason in the world to treat myself right, something I remind myself of almost every day.

And now, apropos of nothing, just because I feel it, I leave you with the following video, "Father's Son" by Fistful of Mercy.  Clap your hands and give me some testimony!


  1. These guys have a nice sound, a little rough, but fun to listen to.We each find that path to follow, you just can't let it kill you.Sounds like you are safe with the warmth your daughter shares, when she is with you.

  2. A daughter is a wonderful thing, yes? Love the video Irish and wishing you happy holidays, full of light and love.

  3. sing it! sing it! Low down low with a beat.

    Good post - you're so right about the booze and the pills not being any kind of solution. I ache for folks who fundamentally don't know this; they live in their own particular hell.

    thanks for leaving us with the great music!

  4. Booze and pills are a downward spiral that I don't want to see. I've seen enough to last a lifetime.


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