05 June 2009

Orville Redenbacher Would Be So Proud

“OOOooo, tha’ popcorn smell good as shit!”

I beg your pardon? Really? (shaking head, tugging at ear)

Did I just hear that? Turning my head to see who said it, I spied a pair of teenagers walking fast and not watching where they were going, pushing and shoving on each other. It happened in a nearby mall, one that I didn’t frequent all that much.

“Damnnnn…” said the one who presumably hadn’t made the comment about the popcorn. “Too bad I ain’t got a dollah!” Then they were gone.

I sniffed the air, and indeed there was the heavy scent of popcorn in the air. I looked over the rail down the floor below, where I could see the popcorn vendor’s cart in the middle. Nary an inkling of fecal matter, olfactory or otherwise, could I discern. Which is a good thing, I suppose.

Popcorn that smells good as shit? Really, what were they doing with the cobs?


  1. that was a GREAT morning laugh.

    popcorn as good as shit- sounds like the Friday snack.

  2. Well, you can tell THOSE kids have never changed a diaper...

  3. I can tell you from personal experience that shit and popcorn smell nothing alike, for the most part, almost all of the time, typically.

  4. Teenagers? Like the ones at my neighbours house last night celebrating graduation because mommy and daddy are out of town? They need some shit popcorn.

    I was never that rude when I was a teen.

    *clears throat*
    *looks over shoulder for his parents*

  5. That's gonna be a disappointing cinema experience. I'd hate to be stuck behind them.

  6. for smoe reason some of my inlaws say that food tastes like shit.(they think it is a complement)

  7. :Heavy sigh:
    Kids these days...

  8. *giggle snort* Oh LaLa told her dad the bon fire we had this weekend was "hot as shit"...yeah we had to have a talk

  9. I think some teens think of drugs when they think of "shit". To some of them, smelling like shit is a good thing.
    There are a few other weird expressions, but my kids are in school...

  10. They probably thought it was funnier than shit too.

  11. and inversely, what are they doing with their shit?

  12. Well, maybe their shit really doesn't stink?

    Thanks for the comments on www.boobemancipation.com

    We *heart* comments...and boobs.

  13. It's time for them to unpack their adjectives...and shit...
    I shit you not...
    Fo rizzle

  14. hmmmmm.... am I wrong in saying that at times baby poop (before they start solids) smells like buttered popcorn? I have one momma friend who agrees! although I haven't really shared this thought with too many other mommies!

  15. Ah, I remember when I got my first cuss word! I just couldn't wait to try it out, and used it on every occasion until, sadly, one day, it fell into little pieces, completely worn out.

  16. I remember the first time I used the word shit...

    LOL..my mom was shoveling the horse barn out and I got hit with some of that horse shit...and I said to my mom.."You hit me with some of the horse shit"

    I didn't say that word again for many, many years!!!


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