02 June 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: GumboIsAVirgin Edition

Can you believe it? I mean, seriously, really? It's time for "Random Tuesday Thoughts" courtesy of the UnMom, which many of you (i.e. all of you) have heard of. Apaprently, everyone except me. 'Cause in all the time I have been blogging, I've never done the random Tuesday thing. Never. Nope. Nada. Which means (gasp) i'mavirgin that this is the first time I have done it. So grab a button, or something, and get started!

DISH SOAP: I have a big bottle of Palmolive dish soap sitting on the edge of my sink. One of the big clear ones filled with green goo. I bought it because I was in a hurry, needed soap and forgot to consider that the word "Palmolive" gives me the creeps. I don't know why, it just sounds vaguely unwholesome.

FIX THE DAMN THING ALREADY: One of my neighbors has a job that apparently requires him to leave by 5:00 in the f*&%in' morning. I say f*&%in' because he also has a car that has a muffler that sounds like Snuffaluffagus (did I spell that right? who cares, I'm tired) with a head cold having a seizure. Seriously, I'm thinking about lending him some greenbacks, tell him to have that thing looked at. If it isn't broken, then he should be smacked around a bit. Dammit.

STR-STR-STR-STREAMING AUDIO: I listen to my favorite radio station quite a lot, by streaming it over my laptop through a wireless rig to my speakers. It sounds GREAT, mostly, except for the ti-ti-ti-times the au-au-au-audio player software gets the hi-hi-hi-hiccups. Then, it's just weird, I mean, really we-we-we-weird. I thought it must just be the beer talking, but it happens mostly in the mornings while I eat breakfast. And I don't drink beer for breakfast. Very often.

KIDS AND THE DARNDEST THINGS #1: A while back, me and the Wee Lass were bellied up to the dinner table, shoving calories down our necks, when the subject of music came up. In the course of our conversation, I was asking her what kind of music she liked. We sang a little bit of the Spongebob Campfire Song:

Hilarity ensued. Then, I asked her if she liked to "shake her booty", and emphasized the question by shaking mine with gusto. Wee Lass looked at me with all seriousness and said "Daddy, don't dance while you eatin'". Hmm. Good advice, indeed.

KIDS AND THE DARNDEST THINGS #2: Watching "The Little Mermaid", the wedding scene on the ship, where it is discovered that the evil Ursula has taken on the guise of Ariel. When Ursula is found out, reverting back to her octopus form, Wee Lass said: "Why would anybody want to marry someone so ugly?" I don't know, sweetie, money?

WTF Files: While looking for something else, I found this image in my files:

I don't know, man...

ITS FUNNY BECAUSE ITS STUPID: Not sure exactly why, but the following video makes me laugh until I nearly wet myself:

So there you have it, my very first Random Tuesday Thoughts, Gumbo-style! I'd say get over to Keely's and give thanks and drop some comment luv! Happy Tuesday!


  1. My kids and The Man dance to Spongebob's "Jellyfish Jam" all the time. It is awesome. Look it up.

  2. All right! Irish is back in the house and he's joined RTT!!

    You'll find that kids make for some of the BEST Tuesday Random Thought posts. I'd be lost without them.

    P.S. I know I owe you an email. I'm working on it. I'm a baaaaaaaad blogging buddy. Baaaaaad.

  3. That "Family Guy" video KILLED me!

    Thanks for an early morning laugh

  4. I too have not done this. Perhaps it is because I tend to not have enough randomness… or that all of my posts are already random as it is.

  5. Welcome to the club, Gumbo. Hope it didn't hurt.

    And is it just me or are all the women in Disney cartoons draw by teenage males? Not that I'm complaining or anything.

  6. That weird picture? It looks like her arms turn into her boobs.

    Great random Irish.

  7. Oh..and don't forget...Jessica Rabbit...I think ALLLLLLL males have a thing for THAT animated character!!! LOL...Oh..geez..randomness...

    Cute..Loving it IG!!!


  8. You do good randomness. And Family Guy is often a solution to many of life's more persistent problems...

    Glad to see you posting! :-)

  9. SWEET! You have come over to the dark, random side...

  10. Kat: Did it! Wee Lass and I like to shaking the booties to that one too!

    Jan: Woot! Thayitiz! Kids are gold, baby, gold! And take you your time, make it good :)

    IB: who’s lookin out for you? IRISH GUMBO! I’m all about the laughs.

    CaJoh: Patience, grasshopper. Become one with the randomness…

    Captain: Thanks! It only hurt a little. And Tinkerbell is a hottie, so you may be on to something…

    WSM: (blush) aw, shucks, ma’am…

    PHST: I didn’t look close enough, it was weirding me out.

    BEW; Jessica, o Jessica, why won’t you go out with me?

    OAM: Random good yes I do like to.

    Michelle: Resistance was futile, I was assimilated…

  11. I'm not sure I'll ever look at Palmolive the same way again. And Family Guy is one of the best shows on TV. I love Stewie!

    I like your randomness.

  12. Hmmm, I WAS a virgin on this Random Tuesday thing, but thanks for popping that cherry!

  13. I'm so glad my children don't watch Sponge Bob!!!!! Welcome to the crazy Tueday club!!!


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