17 June 2009

Warning: Unauthorized Use Of The Word "Wiener"

Okay, class, you've read the title. Now, discuss!


  1. If you offered a prize of a Beemer,
    For prose that was so much keener,
    You would get a lot
    of poems that were hot
    And written in praise of the weiner.

  2. Hot dog! Just the kind of frank discussion I love!

  3. I always wanted a Dachshund just so I could name him, "Wiener von Schnitzel"

  4. Oh Wiener, havent heard it since like 9th grade...

  5. I kissed my weiner this morning. You know, my weiner dog.

    She loves me. What can I say?

  6. When I was 14 I went skiing with my family in Michigan. I went to the counter to get some hot chocolate and flirt with some cute boy standing there as well from my school. My mother always packed food, but we were allowed to splurge on that hot chocolate that comes from the machine. Just then my mother shouts across the lounge area, "Nancy, come get your weiner!"

    I was horrified.
    And obviously still scarred from the experience.

  7. My best friend growing up had a weiner.......dog.

  8. ...tell me have you seen her...

    Actually, in the PNW we ran across a driver who parked next to us and his license plate was 'Weiner'. We looked, walked on, then laughed, because he was tall, long, and bald...

  9. We had the Oscar Mayer "weinermobile" come to our town 2 years ago looking for people to sing the hot dog and bologna jingles. I walked out of the hardware store with the kids and THERE in front of us was the big hot dog! I blurted out "Hey, look at the big weiner!" Jones immediately looked down at his pants.

  10. My daughter has a weiner dog...name of Ike.

    but when I think of weiner...I think of...LOL...

    hot dogs!!!!!!

    Now, what did you think I thought??? Shame!!!!

    Just keep it comin' IG!

  11. Weiner, Weeney, Rene...yeah, they rhyme...
    My personal hell.

    Peace - Rene

  12. Oh, I'm glad I'm not an Oscar Meyer Weiner,
    That is what I never want to beeeeeeeee.
    For if I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner,
    Everyone would take a bite of me.

    I'm a rebel. Hot dog.

  13. Of course, I could be wrong...especially since I spelled it wrong.


  14. Thank you, my lovelies! These comments helped make my day :)

  15. A coworker of mine has the last name Wiener. She tells everyone that it is pronounced Veener.

    I don't believe her.

  16. all too American for me...no one I know has ever used that word...

  17. Is that all you ever think about?

  18. Honey, there can never be an unauthorized usage of the word weiner. It's the kind of word that is welcomed everywhere, kind of like Visa.

  19. ok I have a sick mind, I couldn't stop laughing when my mother in law kept saying "It's not funny, he did choke on a wiener" then she kept asking why I thought it was funny which made me laugh harder!!


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