14 November 2010

American Diwali: Requiem

Blood of our veins
was not turmeric and vermilion,
ours the waters of a different ocean
all flowing into singularity

They light the lamps
dress the courtyards
while I light candles
in the closets of my mind

Buttery glow as they chant
I whisper prayers to you
mineral tang of salt and sea
the currents that carried you away

This Festival of Lights, good over evil,
I wonder, will you return? Somewhere
along the Gulf Stream in my heart,
or melding with the Ganges of my mind?

They light their lamps
I light mine (and yours), to see
your ashes a rangoli on the current
Lit brilliant by the diya of my heart


The Gulf Stream and the Ganges River are thousands of miles apart, but it pleases me to think they intersect in the form of souls.


In memory of Big Bro, out fishing the cosmic sea.


  1. i read this as I await news about an incredible friend who is hooked up to machines and prayers.

    We wait. Remembering what has been, and pray for what will be.


  2. Kevin, as I was reading this I immediately thought of your brother...I smiled when I saw the tribute.
    Good one :)
    Brig bro is proud of you, always.

    love ~ Rene

  3. Big bro I mean...I really don't know how Brig bro feels about you, but with a name like Brig bro...aww shaddup now, Rene

  4. I think he'd like that. Diwali is pretty big in these parts since we have a pretty huge Indian population here. I think festival of fireworks would be a better title though.

  5. This is a great tribute to Diwali :) I love how you've brought together the spirit of the festival with your own musings...

    Love it!


"Let your laws come undone
Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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