06 November 2010


I stand alone and watch the clock
I only wait for it to stop

One of those days where
the mind wishes it would stop
its going so slow it might as well

and in the room locked up inside me

be stopped, time isn't passing anyway
Yes, it is, I know that because the
little clock on my computer

the cutout magazines remind me
I sit and wait alone in my room

reminds me whether or not
I really want to know, and I,
resent that fiercely

I could not look, that is my right
but I never not look.
Anger at me, myself and I

Song from another life, long ago
reminding me of all the photographs
I took before I had a camera

I stand and watch the clock

I only wait for it to stop

now the negatives are piling up
against the doors in my head
crowding the hallways, blocking swing

the doors are shut and all the windows lock

of the panels and light and air.
Unable to process, not enough chemicals

the only sound is from the clock

trays, fixer, no, not enough fixer
or light, not enough light and its

getting hard to breathe

I sit and wait alone in my room

here in my room, my darkroom,
but I can't stop unloading the film
from so many canisters, they are all around me

in my room

Note: Italicized words above are lyrics without permission, from "In My Room" by Yaz.  I know you were murmuring fragments of the Lord's Prayer when you read it...


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  2. Ramble on, IG...it always results in brilliance

  3. Nicely captured... I never not look either. What's with that?

  4. Those photos in my mind's eye remain clear. I wish that I could produce them onto print paper as well as I see them in my memory.


"Let your laws come undone
Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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