10 November 2010

So That Explains the Noise


You.  Yeah, you...

Know what today is?  Besides Wednesday?  Besides the tenth day of November, 2010?

It's a birthday.  Gumbo hits the mid-forties mark today.

He isn't, I mean, I am not sure how I feel about that.  Better than the alternative, I know.  I am happy to have made it this far without maiming myself or others, and to have started growing into the person I think I was always was (whoever that is), but didn't know how to be.

It's Wednesday.  I'll get up, go to work, do my thing, then go to class.  Afterward, once I'm home,  I think I'll put my feet up and treat myself to a wee dram of Scotland's finest.  Simple may be best.

Will you join me?  It's better for the sharing.  Slainte, my friends!


  1. Happy Birthday! My birthday's this month too... whoo! Don't you love birthday month? I love it! I wait so long for it to get here. :)

  2. Happy Birthday, my friend. I shall have a beer in your honour.

  3. Happy Birthday, Kevin. Hope you're day is just great.

  4. your your your, typing before 6 a.m. always gets me...

  5. happy birthday, sugarpie! mid-forties you say, eh? *sigh* i remember those years! enjoy! xoxoxoxox

  6. My husband's was yesterday and he entered the fourth decade. He's rather nonchalant about the whole thing. Me, I've having a kick-ass party next year.

  7. Happy birthday, my friend! I'd join you in a good single malt if the whole "recovering from surgery" thing weren't an issue. You'll just have to have mine - deal?


  8. Happy Birthday to you! A bit of the finest sounds perfectly appropriate. Like that happy brew, you will only get richer and more complex with age.

  9. Seriously! Happy happy birthday! Older, wiser, better, you are. Wish we could bump steins. Heh. Hope you have a super day.

  10. Happy Happy Birthday Gumbi!

  11. not to be a downer, but I hated that mid 40 birthday...realized that I was now officially closser to 60, than 30....LIVE IT UP!!!! hope you got to enjoy that guiness chocolate cake for real

  12. Birthdays remind us of the air we have left to spend....and the need to do it wisely. You remind me of that so very often. Enjoy, remember, dream, and plan.

    I'm making beer, cheese, & sausage soup this weekend with guiness and chorizo....I'll send a wish for you.

  13. I have a great big glass of boxed wine, saluting you!
    Happy Birthday IG!

  14. I'm cracking open a Sam's Chocolate Stout in your honor. Happy day.

  15. Stumbled over here from who knows where, and there's my sister up there, wishing you well.

    And I'm a little drunk.

    So. Happy Birthday To You!

  16. Hey man, Happy Belated Birthday. I am just now catching up on your writing. Too many classes, too much work on the boat makes for too little time.

  17. Hey There:
    Happy Belated Birthday, Kevin!
    Glad to know you are a fellow Scorpio.
    Explains so much!!!

  18. I'm always late!
    did you save a wee dram for me?

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