04 November 2010


Surfeit of color and noise
and that was just the crap
in the mailbox, every day
Forests bled to extinction

More shiny noises from the box
Bright hues and gaudy wraps
So many promises! like God and
Marilyn Monroe delivered to your door

The palate dulls, hearing fades
eyesight dims under sensory fatigue
No, under siege! Because you cannot escape
bleat, blather and bother, beyond the end

Necessary evil, this binge and purge
of the body politic, they tell us to care,
we must care, but too many broken promises,
shattered hopes, have eaten our trust.


  1. they have stuffed our trust now their swollen gullets, swimming in gravy with a chaser of expensive Cabernet. Nothing for us but dusty crumbs strewn across the table, the tattered remnants of all our good wishes and prayers.

  2. Trust in the body politic? Is there such a thing these days? While I had some faith before, faith that had slowly but solidly eroded before the dawn of Obamanos, I now feel numb.

  3. thank god for tivo and caller ID. and i let my registration lapse and only re-registered the day before it would be too late, so I was spared most of the mail....i mourn the trees that are gone for *spit* THIS

  4. I am weary of it all as well. I wish that they would just do virtual signs and not put all the roadside paper/plastic ones up.


"Let your laws come undone
Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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