22 February 2009

How To Tell If Someone Is A Good Buddy

I’VE BEEN WAFFLEFIED! Or is that WAFFLY-FIED! Hmmm. I am not quite sure. I do know that the amazing Rebekah at Waffles Waffles All Day Long has kindly bestowed upon me an award! She has been kind and helpful to me, and I am happy to receive it. Please do me a favor, and drop by the Wafflehaus, drop some love on the Chief Waffler and kith and kin.

I’m not usually very good with rules, but Rebekah laid them out so well (she’s got the mad tech writing skillz) even a knucklehead like myself could easily stick with them. So in the spirit of things, here they be:

The Rules:

1) Put the logo on your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3) Award some other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on yours.
5) Let the other bloggers know they received your award.

I didn’t have to think too long about who my compadres might be in such an endeavor as that implied in the logo. Not that we would really do such a thing. Just sayin’. Yes, this is a list that pretty much wrote itself:

Captain Dumbass at Us and Them: Having a rank always adds authority. And he commands stormtroopers.
Idiot Boy at Idiot’s Stew: He’s gone all ninja. Ninjas have certain useful skills. Need I say more?
Mama Dawg at Two Dogs Running: Someone has to give this operation some class. That and a lovely, lovely accent.
ChurchPunkMom at Embellished Truth and Polite Fiction: Someone also has to keep us in line. She has 5 kids. No sweat.
cIII at The Goat and Tater: When the documents require alteration, call the professional.

There you have it, folks. An All-Star lineup, five fine folks with the credentials of Winston Wolf, from Pulp Fiction: “I solve problems!”


I have created a problem for myself. In my Part Deux interview post, I implied that the 14th person to comment would be the lucky soul to receive questions from me, provided that the same person also had NOT commented in the 13th and 15th places. This did not work out exactly as I had intended. Captain Dumbass, in his own inimitable style, managed to flout the rules AND make his own loophole. In my fatigue and confusion, I did not say how I would handle the selection if the same person DID comment in all those places. I didn’t leave myself an out.

I have been out-loopholed. Damnit. So the lucky victim of my painstakingly researched questions is…Captain Dumbass.

I’ll get you. And your little dog Toto, too…


  1. Congrats on the award. And somehow I can't ever win a debate with my husband for the same loophole issues. Damn it!

  2. Ummmm, hey Irish? Buddy?

    I thought you said this guy was "done".

    He's still a bit too animated, if you know what I mean. It's like the "trunk" scene from Goodfellas in the backroom there...

    I'm just gonna step out onto the front porch and have me a sit-down with Dumbass. Take care of your business and then call us back in when your ready. Jeez!

  3. Sounds to me like Captain Dumbass needs a firm hand...

    Maybe you could have a sort of Dumbass rule that covers all Dumbass behaviour...that way you wouldn't get caught out...

    Sorry Captain, as I don't know you I feel I can say that...

    Of to see the wafflemeister now, thanks for the recommendation.

  4. I need me a Winston Wolf. Can someone give me his number?

    Here's what is odd ... just yesterday, a friend brought over some movies he was getting rid of -- Pulp Fiction was one.

  5. "Eh, what's a matter, straw man, 'scaird of a little fire? Ah ha ha ha haaa!"

    That award is fantastic! And the timing is very auspicious.

    As to the questions, well, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Honestly, if I hadn't won I was just going to conduct a fake interview, so for any of you others who are crying foul, there's a free blog idea for you. Oh, and pull up your skirt, Tinkerbell. Bwah ha haaaa!

  6. Boy, with all the talk of strippers and stashing bodies yesterday.. you'd have thought we'd seen the award ahead of time!

    Thank you, sir, for the award. I'm honored to call you a friend.

    And Captain, with all that purple eye shadow you were smearing around yesterday, I'm not surprised to hear you talking about skirts!

    I look forward to reading the interview.. this ought to be good. ;)

  7. LOL

    "Captain Dumbass, in his own inimitable style, managed to flout the rules AND make his own loophole."

    Well I reckon its a deserved win then!!!! ; )

  8. Beth: Thank you. Gotta watch out for those loopholes…

    IB: Doh! You’re right, his eyes are still open. How did I miss that?

    Mo.stoneskin: That boy is tricky, no doubt.

    CPM ought to be able to reel him in.

    PHD: Hmm. Let me see if I can find his card.

    OAM: All hail the Waffle One for thinking of me!

    Captain: I was about to bust yesterday during that exchange we had! And be warned, I’m on your trail…

    CPM: I’m sayin’! My jaw was dropping. And don’t be too hard on the Captain, he has purty eyes.

    Rachael: He’s good, real good…

    Chef E: What? Nothing to see here, move along…:)

  9. mo.stoneskin: don't worry.. the Captain was properly admonished for his misbehavior. ;)

  10. I didn't know the Captain had a dog..

  11. So Captain Dumbass is none other than Captain Dorothy Dumbass?

    Congrats on your waffly award. Mmmmmm, waffles....

  12. I think the correct term would be Waffled sir...

  13. Kat: Thank you, I'm all warm and fuzzy...

    CPM: I knew I could count on you.

    SK: He does, a fuzzy little poodle...

    Nanny: OH, SNAP! Burn on the Captain! I like you :)

    IAG: (smacking head) Perfect! thank you!

  14. Awesome award, Irish. I like the pure simplicity of it.

    Of course, I'm like that.

  15. The house began to pitch, the kitchen took a slitch- it landed on the wicked witch in the middle of a ditch..WHICH was not a healthy SITUATION for.....the wicked witch.

    I've been WAITING for the perfect moment!!! EUREKA!!!!

  16. I could KISS you. And then you and that nice officer could have a little talk over coffee and donuts.........

  17. Wow. I've NEVER been called classy before.

    Not that you necessarily called me classy.

    Especially after that "interesting" e-mail discussion involving hippos, bbq, human flesh, shovels, guns and what not w/the Goat, CD, CPM and whoever else was involved.

    You, my friend, are a true gem.



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