27 February 2009

Winter, Over

Blue sky, clear cold air.
And the seeds in my heart are
beginning to sprout.


  1. beans beans
    they're good for your heart
    the more you eat
    the more you fart.

  2. i'm sorry. I just COULDN'T resist. it's the FIRST thing that popped into my head.

  3. It is true, the clear cold air is lovely.

    But the seeds in my heart? I hope they sprout, it's about time.

  4. the more you fart the better you feel
    so eat your beans at every meal!

    And I'm all for this winter being over. I'm over IT!! :)

  5. way to ruin it Vodka Mom. Way to go.

  6. Maybe I'm a little slow here, but I don't get it. . . is you heart sprouting beans? Because I love bean sprouts. . .

  7. short and sweet, gotta love it.

    Is it REALLY over? I'm not buyin it...

  8. VM: (laugh) You naughty girl.

    Mo: It sure is, and I am ready for the sprouts.

    Kathy: testimony, out there!

    Panic Room: It was funny in a twisted sort of way.

    lizspin: (laugh) No, not bean sprouts.

    Petra: Thanks! And not all seasons are outside in the world...

  9. Lovely haiku, dear, but methinks you need to see a specialist if your heart is sprouting seeds.

    I second the vote for bean sprouts.

    (Sorry - Vodka Mom started it!!)

  10. Okay, this one went to crappola in a split second, no?
    Hey Irish Gumbo, you're looking pretty hot these days. Did you get your hair did? Momma like :)
    Thanks........you guys all made me laugh!!
    Yall take good care and........

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  11. I'm so ready for winter to be gone! But I'm afraid we'll most likely get another hit or two of winter. My daffodils are trying to come up!

  12. Inspired Haiku
    Will lead you to contemplate
    So much, Grasshopper.

  13. mmmm... bean sprouts. yum.

    and NEVER say winter is over. cause as soon as you do? a cold front comes and freezes your buds. and then they don't bloom. and that sucks.

  14. Here's to a little fertilizer on your sprouts Irish. Sending some tropical sunshine too. Ho! You saw that? I believe a little flower is budding up as well.

  15. Hello there this is
    my Response to your haiku:
    Write a song instead!

  16. It's been spring-like here for a while. The daffodils are in full bloom. I'm so ready for a new beginning!

  17. I hope spring is around the corner. When I look outside today, I don't see it through the rain. But it was a delightful 48 degrees during my afternoon in the city. So there's hope.

    Hope your heart sprouts a wonderful seed of spring!

  18. Definitely time for those seeds to sprout!!

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  20. all of you with spring?
    you can just go and bite me.
    i need some sunshine.

  21. Mmm, bean sprouts in a bowl of pho... what were we talking about here?

  22. how very inspiring!!!
    then I went and read Vodka Mom's comment and I laughed my a** off!

  23. Man I'm feeling here too in NH. Full of life!
    Heart seeds sprouting all over the place!

    I can't wait for spring and new life!

    Peace -Rene

  24. weve been experiencing this cold clear air for awhile, I am not anticipating the hot sticky air to come... =(

    But it's definitely nice to start fresh, huh?

  25. Jan: thank you! and yes, VM did...

    MMMR: Thank you...I think :)

    Joanie: Me, too!

    Braja: Thinkin' outside the box(ers) :)

    CG: I am aiming for the pebble...

    CPM: I flirt with danger.

    PHST: Yes, it is!

    Only Aman: Touche, good sir! I like it!

    MIW: The spring graces me.

    MD: Yay!

    BMA: Cheers!

    Belle: I agree. :)

    SK: Smart aleck :)

    ocean: thank you and cheers!

    Pamela: Good one!

    Captain: Soup?

    OAM; thank you.

    CDD; It's both!

    NTR: Me neither.

    IAG: Yes, it is!

  26. i know what seeds you are talking about

    oldman irish

  27. last week I wanted to write a haiku about ambivalence, but there were too many syllables.
    you've inspired me to re-think this conundrum.

  28. i hope it's not bean sprouts, 'cause i'm allergic to thems.

  29. dad: You do?

    bryn: Happy to be of help, madam.

    mommymae: Nope, not bean sprouts :)


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