17 February 2009

An Intriguing Morning, Plus A Nod to the Captain

As Mondays go, yesterday was an interesting one. Allow me to illuminate:

The Self-made Tool prepares for questioning

And here is something that may or may not have gone through my mind:

(I’m kidding. It actually went very well.)

AND, in a nod to Captain Dumbass, this one is for you, my friend:

Me: “Bongo, smell the foot! SMELL IT!”
Bongo: “Die, imperialist dog! Never! Wait, if I do, will you give me some bacon?”
Me: “…Perhaps. But not the good stuff, you’ve been insubordinate!”

Happy Weird Tuesday, everybody!


  1. Yay. An interview.
    Good luck, Gumby. My other half just went through this (laid off in Oct., just got a job last month). Hard work, finding a livelihood. Ack.

  2. Look at you all dressed to impress. I'm glad the interview went well! Be careful with Bongo, those suckers will take off a foot in under two seconds and they you'll have to get a new foot before you can go on any future interviews.

  3. I'm so glad the interview went well! Sending good vibes that you get the job!

  4. Ooooo - look at you, all in a tie and everything. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

    I didn't think cats could be bribed. Dogs, you know, would smell anything for a piece of bacon. Of course, dogs would smell anything without the lure of bacon...

  5. You guys just love you tools don't you?? Well, I didn't mean it like it came out, you know?
    Sending you great luck on the job. Great luck is beter than good luck right?

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  6. I hope you weren't doing speed before your interview.

  7. Oh damn...we NEARLY get to see you Mr Irish??!!

    And all hail the conversation with Captain. Movie script stuff. Movie script. Dammit.

  8. Good luck. I hope all goes well.

  9. Tool man. Please tell me you did not wear white ankle socks to your interview. And that you did not flash them your shiny ankles when you sat down.

  10. Mine went well too. God-damnit.

    Personally, I don't really want another Job.

    Save for a flyfishing guide in Belize. That wouldn't suck.

  11. Look at you! .. lookin' all spazzy.. I mean snazzy! heehee

    Seriously, though.. where's the rest of you, hmmm?

    Congrats on the great interview.. Here's to figuring out what you want out of it before they do. ;)

  12. Oh Congrats on your interview! Trainspotting was the bestest weirdest movie ever! : )

    Happy Tuesday Irish!

  13. mr. bongo's brother lives at my house in my shoes. shoe fairy.

  14. Ha! I've got to see that movie again. Especially after seeing Slumdog. Danny Boyle Love Fest and all...

  15. Be careful that Bongo doesn't catch the news about the berzerk chimp...
    Hope it all went well!

  16. Good luck to you! Tuesday has always been a good day for me no matter what I doooooooo...

  17. LOL, so glad it went well!

    hehe, I have conversations with my cats like that all the time....

  18. Don't you just love having the "animal" conversations...I like to imagine all the time what my dog and cat are thinking...when they look at you a certain way...
    My cat looks at me like,"I'm far superior to you so just get me my food!!"
    My dog looks at me and says, "Throw the ball..I'm ready to run..come on, come on, come on...play, play, play!!!"

    Good luck with the interview..or rather the after effects of it..Hope it all turns out well..

    And hey..next time you take a pic..show that face of yours!!! LOL

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Looking spiffy - hope you get the job, or at least have an entertaining interview.

    What is with cats and smelling feet? It can't really be that fun, can it?

  21. I was going to Photoshop your head from your young blonde streak pictures onto the interview body, but figured that would just be so much work to make myself laugh today. I am assuming that since you mentioned the interview that you do have good vibes about it, so that is a great thing. saying good luck to the Irish sounds strange. Aren't you just supposed to be lucky all the time?

  22. Lookin good my bortha!

    but....do you really think you have conversations with your cat?....don't tell them that when you go to interviews...unless you are interviewing at an animal shelter or something.

  23. *wiping away a little tear*

    Good stuff, Gumbo. Make sure the bacon in cooked before you give it to your cat. Once they get a taste for blood there's no going back.

  24. Thinking happy employment thoughts for you, Irish.

  25. My fingers are crossed for you, my friend.

    But do you promise to keep blogging if you get the job? Cause that could change my feelings a bit.


  26. Aww shucks!! no shot of the face - this secrecy thing is so killing me - yeah, i hate secrets but of course, it keeps me coming back for more - yeah, i'm a masochist!

    here is to withing you the best on the outcome of the interview!!!

    oh, and you ahve been awarded on my blog!!! yeah, you - get overthere and go pick it up!

  27. You have just inspired me to actually go out on an interview. I've been reluctant, feeling a little low...but I can beat out that bastard. hee hee

  28. It's funny, I always picture you with a big red "SW" on your chest and fabulous cape, Super Writer. Is it hidden under your mild-mannered attire?

    And you know that cat is just waiting for you to fall asleep so he can climb up and put his bum in your face...

  29. My cat used to be obsessed with sniffing armpits. Cats just aren't quite right.

    Good luck with the job!

  30. I won’t tell you exactly where to find it, but a representation of my likeness is available on line. The name of it rhymes with “Macecrook”. HehHeh.

    OAM: Woot! There it is! I agree.

    Casey: That’s my corporate sexytime outfit ;) I got Bongo under control…mostly.

    Joanie: Thank you! I’m tuning them in.

    Jan: Well, hellooo there (note to self: wear ties more often). Bongo is a sucker for anything meat related, and bacon is his crystal meth…

    MMMR: Ha. Tools are a must have item. Yes, thank you!

    Kat: (bellylaugh)NoIwasn’tdoingspeedwhywhywhydoyousaythatDoesitLOOKlikeIwasdoing speedbecauseIwasn’treally…

    Braja: (laugh) just trying not have my soul stolen…see the hint above :)

    BMA: Thank you!

    Pamela: OwOwArfff! No, it was brown socks. It was PANTS I didn’t wear…(heehee)

    cIII: Sorry, bro. (Laugh) Can’t win for losin’ I guess. I’m with you on the fly fishing, too.

    CPM: No, it’s both! Thank you. See the hint above.

    Sarah: Thanks! And wasn’t Ewan looking really skinny?

    MIW: I think Bongo may be an evil fairy. It’s that glare he has…

    Ellie: Excellent film, indeed.

    SK: Oh, jeez, no TV for him!

    ChefE: Thank you!

    Rachael: I don’t mind talking to them, it’s when they get lippy that it bothers me…

    Teri: Yep, been that way all my life :)

    BEW: My cats…tolerate me, because of the food. Thank you!

    Rachel T: I been spiffified! They sniff for reasons known only to them.

    Panic Room: LOL! That would have been funny. Good vibes, yes. Even the Irish need some luck occasionally.

    BTM: I don’t mention my cats, but sometimes I tell them about my invisible friend who lives in my eyebrows.

    Captain: Steady on, man. Here’s a hankie… My cats would probably maim me for bacon, no matter its condition. Come to think of it, they have maimed me, little buggers can BITE…

    Vic: Thank you!

    Petra: Thank you. And I can’t give it up now, it’s too interesting!

    Krystal: HeeHee. See the hint at the top. Thank you, and I’m on my way!

    Charmaine: Glad to help. Do it. DO IT! :)

    Mrs. C: I save the SW for crimefighting and stuff. And I sleep with one eye open sometimes thanks to him.

    Joanie: And I smell purty, too! :)

    TBF: Mine are awaiting their orders from the Big Giant Head. And thanks!

  31. Glad your interview went well! All the best man!

  32. See I always get it mixed up... HNT in the naughty blogging world, this must be Fully Dressed Tuesday. :) You look nice in a tie.

    Beware the cat's revenge, I see a mouse body on a doorstep in your future.

  33. I want to know what was in your pocket.

  34. LJ: Thank you, my daughter helped pick out that tie. And I have people watching that cat..

    Cat: Care to guess? Heh. Actually, it was my cell phone.


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