07 February 2009

A Winter's Day - Branches and Stones

Michelle at Confessions of a Desperate Housewife and Irish Gumbo present their second edition of Pic and Prose, for your edification and delight. Enjoy!

If on a winter’s day a traveler…”*

On winter walks, the boy always thought he would be caught by the branches.

On winter walks, the man fretted the distance he would fall.

Together, they joined hands and leapt.
The fall was not so great, the water not so cold, after all.
They had each other

*Paraphrased from Italo Calvino’s book “If On A Winter’s Night A Traveler”.


CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT: The smack talkin’ has begun! The lurvely Petra has invited me to participate in a contest for the weekly “HeBlogs/SheBlogs” post that she runs on The Wise (*Young*) Mommy. I am up against seven dudes who will lose, er, strapping young lads competing for the honor, and you lucky readers will get to vote! Contest entries will be posted beginning Monday, February 9th on The Wise (*Young*) Mommy, two per day for the week. My entry will be posted Monday. Please make sure to read them all, voting starts the evening of Thursday, February 12th, after the last entries have been posted, and will close the following Sunday. I invite you, lovely readers, to drop by the other girls, er, dudes blogs and drop them some comments. Feel free to humiliate them. Don’t forget to vote (for me)!


  1. Lovely words, as usual, Irish. And thanks for the intro to Michelle - I love her photos!
    Happy Saturday.

  2. I like it.

    What a wonderful walk.

  3. That was so beautiful! Even though I am sooo ready for Spring!! Lovely pictures and poem!

    Good luck in the contest! No contest really if you ask me. But thats just me kissing ass ; )

  4. Good luck, Irish. I'll be waiting for you to impress me! For you, that shouldn't be too hard.

  5. Lovely. :)

    And yeah.. may the best man (you) win. ;)

    I look forward to reading all the entries, some awesome bloggers in that there competition!

  6. Hey there I tagged you on my blog. Are you up for a little game of ABC's? If so check stop by and check it out.

  7. "I am up against seven dudes who will lose..."

    Lol Gumbo, you are incorrigible! :O) The contest is going to be really something.... fantastic writers. What a treat!

    I love the pic and prose. The photographs capture the essence of Winter beautifully.

  8. Awesome pic and prose. And thanks for making this competition so effing fun. You guys crack me up, I wish I could just pick all of you!!

  9. Great picture/prose post again. As for Petra, just make sure you're wearin clean panties.

  10. Will watch for the contest then!

    Love the collab, as usual, very nicely done~

  11. great words, great photos thanks :)

    And kick some ass!!

  12. Someone else grabbed my first words... lovely.
    Great shots!

  13. OAM: Thank you, and you are welcome. Michelle is quite good!

    K: Glad you enjoyed.

    Sarah: Thank you. And may I say, you look mahvelous! :)

    FL: Thank you! I’m showin’ the mad skillz…:)

    CPM: Thank you. I have done my best! And the competition is skilled

    CandC: Hello! I’ll take a look. Thanks!

    Lesley: To be the best, you have to play against the best! And thank you. Michelle does a smashing job.

    Petra: Thank you, my dear! I’ll make the choice easy for you ;)

    Captain: Thank you…but flattery is a little desperate, don’t you think? :)

    Rachael: Thanks! And please, vote for Pedro, er I mean, me. Did I mention you look so lovely today? ;)

    BMA: Thank you! And please make sure to let Michelle know, t oo.

    Maggie May: Thank you!

    Kathy: Thanks! I’m not just going to kick it, I’m going to own it…

    Robin: Thank you, Michelle has quite the eye.

  14. Teri: that's good, right? (laugh)

  15. Greetings to you. Have seen your very cool avatar for awhile now, first timer.

    I love how simple yet profound you did that with the poem. Goes so nice with the pics. Great job to you both and good luck with the contest.

  16. I really liked the paraphrased Calvino - lovely.
    June in Oz

  17. First- love the pics and prose. LOVE IT>

    Second, I came over here to see a smackdown. Where are thee sweaty men fighting over Petra?? WHERE???

  18. Short and sweet. Cold and warm. Happy days!

  19. I found your blog on a whim. And seeing that one of your recent posts was paraphrased from IC "If on a winters night a traveler.." You now have a new follower.

    Great posts.

  20. ROM: Welcome! Thank you, that's very kind.

    June: He has stuck with me for a while.

    VM: Thank you. See Sunday's post!

    JBA: Sometimes I can be (laugh), here's to happy days!

    Laughing Soul:Wonderful, welcome aboard! And thank you for dropping in!


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