22 January 2010

Hold On, Let Me Check...Uh, No?

Rare is the day that I do not see something interesting on my way driving to and from the Big City wherein I earn my daily bread, and last Monday was no exception. The parking lot of the building where I work slopes down to a busy road, and when leaving I often have to stop and wait for traffic to clear.

Idling at the bottom of the slope, on a bluish workday evening, I was absentmindedly staring across the road when a bright pink blur passed in front of my car. It was a Dodge Intrepid, and it was a brilliant shade of Pepto-Bismol. Clean, too.

Wow, I thought, you don't see that very often. A courtesy shuttle for a "gentlemen's club", perchance?

So I turned right out of the parking lot, and found my car right behind the Bismolmobile. It sort of looked like a taxi that had been retired from service. I was looking for any faded taxi sticker marks or company name when I noticed the bumper sticker on the back. There it was, big as day, and it read:


I rubbed my eyes in disbelief. Nope, still there.

I'm slightly sad to say, I did not honk. But only slightly.

I hadn't been that bemused since a few years back, when I saw a guy wearing a shirt that announced in big, bold caps: DON'T ASK ME FOR SHIT! Roger that, Sparky, you needn't worry that I'd ask you for anything, least of all THAT...


  1. aaaaaahaha, thats awesome, I must have that bumper sticker!

    i see a pink hummer driving around here, I secretly wish it would crash and burn to pieces, stupid pink hummer...

  2. Ha, now in Dallas I lived very very near the famous, or should I say infamous Mary Kay building and out front are parked many, no billions of pink Pepto-Bismol cars...or should I say a parking lot full of pink puke...did I say that?

    Did I say big hair brawling backed-up driving Texas beauties? I can you know, uh I am an ex big hair blah blah blah Texas, still a beauty...

  3. Oh Man... oh man... I'm stomping my feet here. I would have honked. When will you ever get another chance to honk for a Ba-Donka-Donk? Oh man. Routine is all we got, and then every so often... something that may never come again. Carpé Diem.

    Ba-Donka-Donk... Bismolmobile. This post has me rolling on the floor!

  4. The Bismolmobile sounds like a conveyance for a crap superhero dealing only with stomach related problems.

    "Quick, Alka Seltzer, I sense intestinal distress! To the Bismolmobile!"

  5. I admit to being bemused myself - a search for "ba-donka-donk" on the Urban Dictionary is quite...amusing.

    I once saw a mauve Cadillac with a purple vinyl top sporting a bright pink bumper sticker that said "We're spending our kid's inheritance." Yes, and with great taste, too.

  6. I don't like pink cars, but that one.. YUCK!!!

  7. I've a number of pink cars so that didn't bother me but I had to go find a BA DONKA DONK . I think I want one. Though I might start chanting metallic-ally "Exterminate! Exterminate!" as I drive around.

  8. That should read "I've SEEN a number of..."

  9. the fellow you referenced at the end was prolly the feller behind the wheel
    he has finally found his religion

  10. I don't know where to go with this one.

  11. Please, please tell me a dude was driving that vehicle. Please.

  12. lmao! Oh how i love stories like these! miss you dearest cousin! congrtats on the closing! It was good to see your dad this weekend for my Gmas 76th bday! Wish u were here! we need to schedule a me-come-visit-you soon!

  13. There is a pink 18 wheeler that I see around here called the Pink Panther. It has that Pepto pink color too. I wonder who made the choice of that color.


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