26 January 2010

Winter Poetry Slam: Ft. McHenry Meditation #3

Seawall underfoot
freighter thrumming cold harbor,
Sadly, cannot board.


  1. I'm sad too. Although we're now up North we lived for 2 years overlooking some docks and a harbour. I used to see those monster freight ships arrive, slowly led in by tugs, and when they left I sometimes just wanted to be on board.

    You *could* board, surely?

  2. feeling the need to run away for a bit? I know I feel like that sometimes, but I want to be on a cruise liner, in a cabin with a balcony and free room service. :)

  3. hopefully headed for warmer waters....

  4. This totally describes coming off the Varazanno bridge in NY to get onto the Belt Parkway when you look to the right and see the freighters waiting to be admitted into the port or leaving...I wanna go where you go baby, travel the high seas, swear loudly, yell at the seagulls as they drop their morning bits, ride the squalls and feel like a sea faring wanderer soul that I be...

    Phew! Okay time to throw back some whiskey and relax...

  5. and you dont even care
    you've got some balls, my friend

  6. I see those cargo ships coming and going and wonder where they are bound. I have dreamed about them and being on board for years.


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