11 January 2010

Silence Profound

Setting foot, chill winter's path in sleepy crystal light
Murmur of river to the left, steel hulk of train to the right
Squeak and crunch of snow beneath boots, exhaling fog
Atoms of the mind slowing down, lungs crackle with air

In the company of crows, and a young spirit holding his hand
They walk this frozen day just because the path is there
So weary are they of the stale air of television and close walls
Each step brings peace of mind a little closer, a little sharper

They chase shadows and laugh, the ducks chuckle to hear the joke
She the child that becomes anchor and sail for the soul
Too exhausted of this world and petty concerns that so distract
From art and love, the very blood of our veins, life of our hearts

The crow calls, the path is empty except for the young soul and the old
A finger to lips, saying "Hush, child" pointing to the trees
She cocks an angel face saying "Why, daddy, why?", they turn facing the sun
and he smiles, the cloth of exhaustion snatched from the table of his heart

"...because the ducks, the crows, the very river murmur to us, daughter,
and if we are quiet enough...shh!...the voice of God."

photo credits: irish gumbo


  1. Beautiful post, and the pair are right, TV air is very stale.

    But what joke was told to the ducks? Last time I told a duck a joke it huffed and puffed and waddled away.

  2. I love that muffled crunching feel walking through snow. What a lovely morning that must have been! Thanks for sharing.

  3. "concerns that so distract/From art aqnd love, the very blood of our veins, life of our hearts"


  4. ahhh I live for those peaceful moments that send me reeling into the world of poetic verse...

    Nice Gumbo, you spice up my life!

  5. Your flowing these days Irish. So wonderfully written and you've echoed the view of the south coast of England to...

  6. "share stories,share memories,embrace your life." Quote from Dove

    oldman irish

  7. i cannot possible be the only one who tried to actually picture the river on the left and train on the right and got them mixed up so i had to turn the picture around

    maybe i am

  8. Beautiful. Can I just crack a window though?

  9. Hey, this is wonderful. Great wintry feeling, with so much warmth.


"Let your laws come undone
Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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