30 October 2010


Day 16,243: lights are on
In the lab, the seals secure
Subject startles awake
this time no screaming

Lab coats take notes
Crablike cyrillics neatly scuttle
across ivory lined pages
accompanied by laptop clicks

Team leader leans forward
to the glass, intently staring
at subject become ward
and wonders if it knows

Subject sits up, stands up,
scanning the room with motive
Gaze fixes on the door lock,
as if in true understanding

A flock of labcoats rustle nervously
when Subject reaches the door
hand on the lever, pulling,
but knowing it is locked

The labcoats whisper together
when Subject stares at the glass
they flinch as if he stepped through
but only moving to the nightstand

In the half-dead fluorescent glare
Subject opens the drawer
pulling out wires and a shank
and attacks the lock.

Labcoats scatter and panic
Alarms go off in rocket's red glare
They scribble and type frantically
Heading for the airlocks

The axis shifted, plates buckled
the scientists fled the country
because its Day 16,243 of the Experiment,
and Subject learned to escape


  1. some days this is exactly how it feels to be alive. having one's focus set laser like on finding that way out. (well done you!)xoxo

  2. This does sound like my modern anxiety. I like that term in your label. I think I will adapt the term.

  3. it took the subject 44 years to get to the point of realizing it is in his power to escape....and what's he gonna do NOW, now that there are no more tubes and wires, and no more glass separating him from the ELSE??

    Happy Halloween!

  4. Love the beard, Go Giants...Lovely words in last poem Also love that Subject learned to escape!!!


"Let your laws come undone
Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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