08 October 2010

Pod People

To podcast or not to podcast, 'tis the question.

This is my dilemma.  In the continuing saga of my web development class, we were asked whether we would prefer to set up and use a Twitter account, or post a podcast to our blogs.

The catch?  If we already had a Twitter account, we would have to do the podcast.


I'm torn.  I've been toying with the idea of a podcast for a while, but haven't acted on it.  I'm lacking a mic for my laptop, along with a webcam.  Plus, I don't exactly have a James Earl Jones kind of speaking voice (unless I'm deliberately putting it on).  And, I have no idea what I'd really talk about.

Writing seems easy compared to putting it in motion...and with sound.

Maybe I could do a video of me holding placards with what I want to say, tossing them aside like Dylan a la "Subterranean Homesick Blues". Or "Mediate" by Inxs.

Maybe I could do a spoken word version of "Gun Street Girl" by Tom Waits.  I can carry a credible raspy take on that song...but I don't know if I could maintain it for the whole piece.  And no one wants to hear my slightly nasally drone going on for four and a half minutes.

See, that is part of the problem: when I speak, in my head I sound like quite the orator.  But whenever I hear the playback, I start to squirm.  Maybe its just me and my insecurities.  Oy.

This is where the ability to write does not necessarily translate into the ability to go multimedia.  The more variables present the greater the complexity of any system...and while I like complexity, I have a hard time dealing with it if it is complexity beyond my comfort zone.


This goes back to my high school days and the dreaded oral presentation in English classes.  I hated that shit, man.  I always felt flustered to the point of paralysis.  I just don't know...

I know!  I could read from behind a curtain, like the Wizard of Oz!

Nah.  What was I thinking?  I got it: What do you think?


  1. Oh how you make me smile- I say podcast, as I would listen.

    The cold winds are a'comin, they say listen to Gumbo, he's going to warm up the night, and this girl will lock up the doors and winders...sit back and listen to the Gumbo...the Gumbo is a'comin on the winds...whoosh!

  2. I generally feel the same way about public speaking... except that I discovered in speech class that if I was talking about something I knew more about than the average member of my audience, something about which I could answer questions, if asked... then I felt plenty confident enough to speak about it.

    So maybe teach us something you know that we don't. Your podcast doesn't have to be grand art, after all... it can be informative, yes? You know all sorts of interesting things, so pick one you're comfortable with and do a basic overview of the topic.

    Or tell a story you've already told a thousand times, think of it as creating an archival record of the tale?

    Or make something intended for your daughter, and maybe her friends... they're a 'kinder' audience, as well, and that could be fun?

  3. I vote for the full podcast, with the Dylan placards schtick. If you talked about Wee Lass, this would be a cake walk for you. Or photography. Your black and whites. Or read an excerpt of one of your terrific short stories. Or, you know, just blow something out . . . Yeah, podcast.

  4. do a podcast, sugar. it doesn't have to be a video, too, does it? can't it just be audio? one thing i learned a long time ago is talk about what you know! miselena is absolutely correct! good luck! xoxoo

  5. I'm also liking the pod cast idea. Ya know why? Because it would be the most challenging for you. You have technical and personal issues to be resolved...go with the podcast. You never know what might come of it.....

  6. I'd like to hear what you sound like! Of course, it'll be a cold day in hell before I do any kind of video blogging, but you should go for it! Go ahead! You know you really want to!

  7. I never went to school on 'give a speech day'. Then I had to do it the next day anyway. I still don't feel comfortable speaking to a group of people.


  8. why do you need to do a podcast or tweet? my personal opinion is here's a bit of social media overload as it is. if you are a writer, write. know what i mean? tweeting is lame.

  9. Like the tossing placard idea... interesting project. Hmmmm.

    Not a fan of public speaking, myself. So not looking forward to another presentation day at the end of this semester. Ack.


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