21 October 2010

Take Me Home, Socks It to Me

It isn't often that trains and socks have much to do with each other, especially when they produce feelings of contentment and gratitude.  Tonight, they did.

I arrived home at Casa del Gumbo after dark, and after my web development class (note: the podcast is still on the table), and on top of a long work day I was all in for some

Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool
And all shootin some b-ball outside of school

No, wait, that was the Fresh Prince, not me.  I don't play b-ball, because sadly, Gumbo don't got game.

Anyway, I pulled up in front of the crib, got out of my hoopty and...

Damnit, I can't seem to shake the urban slang.  Something's all up in my grille...

Anyhoo,  I came home, went in the house, and opened some windows to enjoy the cool night air and relative peace and quiet.  As I was taking off my shoes,  I heard a train horn from across the way.  It sounded a lot closer than it really was, maybe some trick of damp air and the nearby river valley was amping up the noise.  It sounded lonely, as most train horns do, but at the same time it was comforting.  It reminded me that I was glad to be home, safe and dry.  I had a belly full of dinner, and some new (clean) socks on my feet.

Having new socks is like brushing your teeth after missing a time or two.  Its one of those small, simple pleasures that make a person feel at home and relatively civilized.  I like that feeling.  My feet like the plushness of a new pair of socks, and that in turn relaxes me and takes the edge off of stress.

So sitting on my bed, luxuriating in having a roof over my head and comfy feet, that train horn put the sonic cherry on the sundae of my creature comfort evening.  The semi-mournful wail reminded me that the World is out there, and I am In Here.  I'm not stuck in a war zone, or a hospital, or trapped hundreds of meters underground wondering if I'll ever see the light of day again*.  I'm here, at home, and thankful.

*That rescue of the miners was the best ending to a real life saga I've seen in a long, long time.


  1. Heh- this makes me feel you are supporting a rather tall hair do, and Casa del Gumbo- love it!

  2. lovely writing. I get your 'new socks' feeling from fresh sheets on the bed. All is right with the world.

  3. I've had that feeling the last couple of days as well. For me it's been fog horns though, not train whistles. Same idea though.


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