11 October 2010

Yeah, It Does Feel Like Rain

Long time readers probably already know this, but I'm a sucker for a finely crafted love song (this one in particular), and I don't say that lightly.  There is a lot of mediocre to just plain bad music about love, and I don't want to waste my time listening to something that isn't worth it.

Not when it comes to love.

I was reminded of that tonight, scrolling through my iTunes list.  I came upon my favorite version of "Feels Like Rain", by Robbie Schaefer (he of Eddie From Ohio fame) off of  a live solo album he released a few years ago.  I noticed that I hadn't listened to the song since July 26 of this year.

I told myself "Don't do it, don't do it..." because...I knew it would cut to the bone.  This is song is amazing in that it can be interpreted in two ways simultaneously: it speaks to the all-consuming nature of a deep love between two people, and can be heard as a wistful and cutting realization that maybe things are lost.

I know both those states, and the cognitive dissonance of holding them in my heart demands that it stop, but not right now. 

I listened to the song.  And maybe, in another two or three months, I'll listen to it again.

Right now, it's raining.  I'm going to listen to that, instead.


  1. Love this kind of music. Reminds me of a concert I once went to in Austin at the Austin Music Hall, that was a tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan. On stage were Jimmy Vaughan, Buddy Cray, B.B. King, Eric Clapton, and a couple others (Bonnie Raitt and Willie were there, out getting high in the coach), and that's the sort of gritty rockin' blues you'd hear. I'm pretty sure Hiatt wasn't there, but he could have been. Great song, great sound, not over produced.

  2. Let's face it, sometimes rain is the perfect soundtrack to our lives. . .

  3. I wasn't able to listen to any music for about a year. I'm so glad that's passed!

    That song is so haunting!


"Let your laws come undone
Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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