07 October 2010

The New Scars

I read the news today, oh god...another litany of death and mayhem and personal tragedy because for some reason someone else took their own life rather than face the personal humiliation forced upon them by some uncaring, emotionally stunted pricks who thought it would be funny to violate someone's privacy for a laugh,

violate someone's life in a way most hateful
violate them as a human being

Seeming to forget that they are human too or at least they look human.  But its hard to tell based on their twisted sense of entitlement to appropriate another's private life

tell me asshole

if we were to film your private life, would you want the world to see your "dirty" secrets?  Or do you not understand what dirty means?

god help you if you lived in a world where lack of emotional intelligence made you the new ethnic joke.

"Different" behavior does not automatically translate into "wrong" behavior.  Or maybe we should haul your ass into court and put you on trial for all  those wings you ripped off of flies as a kid...

Getting enough sleep, jerks?


  1. i wish the people who need to learn this lesson, READ blogs, or even thought for one second that there was life beyond their own little universe.....

  2. Irish, you are angry! And I'm right there with you. I'm appalled that this kind of thing is still happening. We think we are so progressive as a nation, but are we?

  3. It's horrid isn't it? There's so much meanness and small mindedness in too many people these days.

  4. Our lot is a cruel bunch. Always has been, and likely always will be. It is not confined to a nation, a region, a race, a religion, age or gender. While I am horrified by the behavior, and by the mind that says "this is okay," I must remember that there is great good in the world as well. Honorable and saintly people who devote themselves to serving humankind. This knowledge keeps me sane.

  5. I know...so many of my friends are Gay, heck I am Gay in so many ways...pick on me you jerks...I will make a pot of stewp out of you!

    I was made fun of growing up and survived, but it was f'ing hard to know each day I had to walk the halls and endure that crap each day for twelve f'ing years!

    Then they say, oh I did not mean anything, we were just kids, like their parents say...f'ing idiots...oh sorry, the soap box is back under my stove...

    BTW where has Idiot Stew been? Miss his wisdom!


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Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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