08 February 2011

American Peace Dream

The America in which I want to live
isn't a game
or a commercial
or the latest app

It isn't slow motion breasts
or toothpaste sex,
nor is it cheesy puffs or
trucks as penis enhancers

The America in which
I want to live
is not life as a game
or a commercial, or a war

No, the America in which
I want to live lets
you be you, me be me,
and your neighbors be themselves

in peace


  1. nor is it a Walmart
    on every street corner
    sucking our minimum wage
    for cheap Chinese trinkets,

    cheering us ever onward
    to more credit card debt,
    that bottomless pit of hell
    devised to enslave us all.

  2. A big "right on" to both prior commenters.

    Good fences make good neighbors, Ian. :-) I think our best course would be to stop being so incredibly judgmental/sanctimonious about our fellow citizens and concentrate instead on making our own lives richer.


  3. You nailed it, pal -- So much has to be cleared away to see what's truly (here). - Brendan

  4. America is all those things PLUS the right to pick and choose among them. take away that right and you no longer have America.

    We, the people, make our own choices. As individuals. That means we must have those choices to make. If we make the wrong choices... well, that's what liberty is all about, isn't it?

    I kinda like the "slow motion breasts" though...

  5. And don't forget our right to choose how much freaking food we want to eat!!! and what food we want to eat, when we want to eat it!!
    Ah, the latest from Michelle Obama--to FORCE restaurants to serve smaller food portions! Isn't that the right of the American People how much they want to eat????

  6. Sounds like a *world* I'd want to live in, but my red, white and blue bleeding heart would just like to see it in America for now.

    Sort of reminds me of the opening monologue to the Superbowl as read by Micheal Douglas... it was goosebump patriotic, but then eroded into being about football and all the commercialism that goes with it.

    You say this well.

  7. Have you been channelling John Lennon again?

    And frankly, I agree.

  8. I truly hope you get it.

    (Toothpaste sex?)


"Let your laws come undone
Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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