17 February 2011

Gaddafi in Flames

Glass of tea, bowl of soup,
TV news chatters across the table
against a 'tsk tsk' and a 'mmm, mmm'

A cough, full of crackers, unintended guffaw,
the talking head intoning like a deejay:
"Here's an image of Gadaffi in flames"

Kaleidoscopic: to eat dinner, watch nations
begin their meltdown, yet thinking to myself
"That's a great name for a band"


  1. Yes -- It's so odd to sit in the comfort of one's living room, chowing down some grub & watching the world go up in flames. Back in the 60's, it was a real horror to have TV newscasts from Vietnam flickering on the tube over dinner, but by now, with the 24-7 news cycle always on, its, hmm, munch munch, great name for a band. Until, of course, one senses the flames flickering at the window, giving one the sense that HIstory is about to devour the devourer with the big night music banging everywhere ... Brendan

  2. I liked everything about this post, sir. Great name for a band indeed.

  3. I also remember the Vietnam news stories at the dinner table. When our kids were growing up, I made it a point to never have the TV on during dinner, for obvious reasons.

    Great slice of life piece. Great name for a band.

  4. Now, about this Gaddafi in Flames, can you two-step to these guys? If I can find 'em in a honky tonk, I'm in!


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