27 February 2011

Gork, or Stylin' with Irish Gumbo

Well, dear readers, its confession time.  I am, it seems, a geek.  Or maybe a dork.  Perhaps both.

Aha!  I'm a GORK!

"Hey, Irish, don't be hatin' on yo'self!  Why you think that?"  I can hear you say.  Although why you would say it that way, I don't know.  It amuses me, I guess.

Anyway, as to why.  Two things have made me think I'm a gork.  To wit:

Earlier today I finally did my taxes for the year.  I had been dreading it, so I put it off as long as I thought I could.  The weird thing was, once I got into them...I enjoyed it.  You read that right: I enjoyed it.  Best I can figure, I enjoyed it because I turned off the radio and the TV, sat down and really focused on something for a while, and got it done.  No interruptions, no distractions, I FINISHED A THOUGHT, for the first time in months.  Hooray!  What's wrong with me? 

How many of you have two pairs of glasses, one regular for most tasks and one tinted for outdoors/driving?  Show of hands...good!  Those of you who do, listen up, I am about to offer a lifestyle tip.

If one wants to appear self-assured, cool, even, then make sure that when you get in the car and you go to put on your driving glasses...that you remove your regular glasses beforehand.  Trust me, it will save some embarrassment, and no one will point and laugh at you flailings and pokings.  Not that it has happened to me...within the past week.

So there you have it, dear readers, two of the many steps on that steep slide into gorkdom.  Take your time, be careful, I'll be waiting for you at the bottom, wearing my two pairs of glasses...


  1. I grok the gork lifestyle...

    four pairs of glasses here
    one in the car ( tinted)
    one at school ( because I'm a forgetful git)
    one in the wooden leaf dish in the family room ( cuz I'm lazy)
    one upstairs on my nightstand ( cuz I read in bed)

  2. Dorks rock.

    Wanna do my taxes ; -)

  3. I'm too cheap to buy two pairs of glasses; I just buy sunglasses that are bigger than the frames of my regular glasses and double-deck. Hail to the uberGorks!

  4. Taxes: Done but not by me. I am heartily saddened that this is the last year that dh's company will do them for us. Sincerely saddened. Though if we do them ourselves perhaps we would get our return back sooner than two years after filing (we just got back our return from 09...yeah.)

    Glasses: This week I found out I have to wear glasses All The Time. I'm slightly devastated by that and finding out to afford to wear them full time I practically need to take out a second mortgage.

    Joy. So I guess I am a Gork. At least I'll have company.

  5. I have glasses on my nightstand for getting up in the middle of the night. The sunglasses in my car are (quite sadly) the sort that go OVER the regular glasses. I intend to buy normal sunglasses at some point this year.
    Now I have outed myself as a gork as well.
    Also, I love doing my taxes.
    Take care.

  6. The glasses story I adore.

    And, as for a man who pays his taxes? That's a good thing. :/


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