11 February 2011

What the Princess Said to the Captain

Sunday afternoon.  It's cold, lots of snow still on the ground, but the sun is out, finally.  Perfect time for Wee Lass and the Captain to log some outdoor time after being cooped up.  The Captain advises Her Royal Cuteness to enrobe herself appropriately for a winter excursion:

Captain: "We should go to the park."
Wee Lass: "I wanna stay inside."
C: "We've been inside almost all weekend.  Let's go to the park with the swinging bridge."
WL:  "I want to go to the big playground!  Can we go to the big playground?"

She wheedles well.  Plus, she looks at the Captain with those baby blues...

C:  (sighs)  "Okay, we can go to the big playground.  Get your shoes on."

Wee Lass skips to her room, returns carrying her favorite "sparkly" shoes.  They are indeed sparkly, festive, even, but not even good shoes for tromping in snow.  Her boots were absent, with only sneakers as backup.  Better than the sparkly shoes, though.

C:  "Uh, please put your sneakers on.  There might be snow, and sneakers would be better."
WL:  "I don't want to wear sneakers."
C:  "Sweet pea, those shoes will get wet and cold a lot faster, so the sneakers..."
WL (staring at the Captain with a withering look):  "But, Daddy...they don't go well with my tights!"

So that is how it came to pass that the Captain lumbered along in his winter boots, while Her Royal Cuteness frolicked on the slides and in the snow with sparkly shoes a-glitter in the winter sun.  She was right, they did look good with her tights.

And she didn't complain at all about the wet, cold feet...


  1. Dude, please. Understand that fashion and foot wear are oblivious to weather. She's going to be a teenager someday, you need to get your arms around this NOW.

  2. This is the first of many battles (teeny though it was) that you WILL lose as she grows older. Get used to it.

  3. I just saw a trailer of Russell Brand in the remake of Arthur, and he says to the girl he's meant to be marrying, "You're into horses, I don't get horses, their shoes are NAILED on. I mean, who makes that kind of commitment to A SHOE????"

    I think your girl would TOTALLY understand that mindset....:))

  4. Ignore what Stiletto said, stay in your happy place while you can.

  5. Its great how children open up our imagination


  6. Oh what lovely pictures that makes in my head. What sweetness!


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