28 February 2011

New Myths of the Creation

"Did you know", Eve said, "good chocolate melts near the temperature of the body?"

She lay beside Adam, her head resting on her right hand, propped up by an elbow.  In her left hand was a small square of chocolate, ragged-edged and deep mahogany colored.  She held it just in front of her lips, which curved slightly in a ruby crescent across the lightly freckled alabaster of her exquisite face.  She was watching her partner, stretched out beside her.

Adam turned to her, watching as the chocolate disappeared into her waiting mouth under the gentle pressure of her fingers.  She smiled, and Adam's heart ticked a little faster as her cheeks undulated slightly in a slow savor.  Adam found himself distracted more so by the refined curve of her hip and and belly, bare as they were in the gold-tinged light reflecting off the beach upon which they lay, in the shade of lazy palms.

"Is that so?"  he replied.  She nodded, lips working.  The aroma of the chocolate curled in under his nose; he drew in a deep breath.  Adam rolled over, closer to Eve, to rest his right palm on her bare hip.  Their faces were separated by a fraction of an inch.  Her lips parted slightly, and the heady aroma intensified as it twined itself around their heads.

"Did you know," Adam said, barely audible above the murmur of the waves, "that the heart melts at the temperature of love?"  She gasped and leaned her mouth into his.

"Melt me.  Please."   They kissed, and knew the taste of love, rich and bittersweet.


  1. rrroooowwwrrr! I love this! You should join the indie ink challenge. you would rock it

  2. I say when the angel showed up at Eden, Adam and Eve should have pelted Him out with coconuts and rocks, the way farmers shot at sheriffs who showed up to foreclose on their farms during the Depression. Evict THIS, sucker! And then the two could have stayed on love's beach forever. Sigh. But then, every really decent kiss gets us back there, for just a smooch ... (Though I think most women would say a HERSHEY's kiss does a better job ...) - Brendan

  3. you're killing me over here...

    I smell sex and cand-y...yeah...

  4. chocolate and sex...always a good combo, Gumbo! (I'm a poet and didn't know it....)

  5. Now we're talkin' . . . Dude, get out the Led:

    Oh baby baby. You know when I see you walkin' down the street,
    Well you lookin' good enough to eat.
    Oh baby baby, I don't believe I've tasted this before,
    Oh baby baby, I want it now
    And every mouthful more of you.

  6. oh WOW!!! I like your story of how it happened much better than whoever wrote Genesis....if more of the bible read like this, I would definitely take up intense study!! What a great project that would be...what did those old farts REALLY mean....update it for a NEW audience.

  7. I have a two word critique of this little effort, Iggy. The first word is "Mills", and the second one is "Boon".

    Maybe I just don't get this straight romance business?

  8. Eating the forbidden chocolate got us into a hell of a lot of trouble.


"Let your laws come undone
Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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