01 March 2011

Tidbits From The Gumbo Pot, Edition the Second

Wow.  The first edition of 'Tidbits from the Gumbo Pot' came out in February 2009. That was two years ago.  Holy shite.

Well, here goes.  A glimpse behind the curtain of Gumbo.  Herewith, I give you some screen shots that caught my attention, in Go.og.les sidebar.  Things usually get weird in the "More About" sections...

How I got from bird watching to swearing and Scrabble,  I'll never know.

Nothing says fun like a spraying, constipated cat!

So that's my take on a little randomness for your Tuesday.  If you have any insights as to why stuff like this shows up in my sidebar (psychological, not algorithmic) please let me know.  Gumbo can be made from a whole lot of things, but these? I don't know...


  1. Two-fisted bird watcher. Hmmmm.

    sounds messy.

  2. Fantastic! I was looking for some good voodoo curses.

  3. I'm not about fisting birds...just sayin'

  4. and cat constipation is something I definitely need to bone (er) up on.....

  5. Siamese appleheads are neat. I have one. She is really the Evil Seed, AKA Esther Expresso. We are what we Google.

  6. wow. as definition of gumbo, one could be disturbed by these words. ;)


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