13 March 2011


I'm absolutely gobsmacked.  Recent events have left me wondering what to say.  Gimme some  good news, people!


  1. Not knowing exactly what has got you gobsmacked, I am not sure on what sort of scale you're looking for... Good on a global scale or local or personal?

    Well. I did replace the kitchen faucet this evening. It's nice that it's not dripping anymore. So. That's good.

  2. I'm guessing it is all the news from Japan. I, too, am beyond words on this one. Each time I see the news, it is worse.

    The Good News: this, too, shall pass. We honor those poor souls who lost their lives and hope they are in a better place. We carry on, because that's what we do, we love each other more, and hang on more tightly.

  3. @Matt: Any scale as long as its good news. I'll take the faucet as a win :)

    @Tara: Tragedies great and small - a beloved aunt of mine passed away Friday. That and the world news has got me down. And we do carry on, with love.

  4. On a very small scale, Xander is on spring break this week, so he is relaxed and happy. I'm making hummus and have nice, crisp veggies to dip once it's done. We're home after several days of dog- and kid-sitting, and it is good to be home. Last but not least, I'm taking the day off tomorrow so we can watch movies and eat out. Sometimes that's good.

    On a grander scale, people are surviving and helping each other in the midst of terror and turmoil.

  5. my husband was evacuated from benghazi, made it safely to turkey, on to paris and then to deepestdarkestafrica. made me damn happy! he should be back in the states soon. xoxoxo


"Let your laws come undone
Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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