20 March 2011

On The Flight of Certain Bees

I noticed the toothbrush holder askew on more than one occasion.  As it put an elbow in the rib of my neurotic architect obsession with plumb and level, I always adjusted it back to its upright position.  It never looked right, to my adult eye, and I could not explain it.

Just as many times as I adjusted it, I always returned later to find it an angle.  Must be leprechauns I thought.

Little did I know.  Wee Lass set me straight, and it crooked, last night when she came to brush her teeth.  She opened the holder, took out her brush, and then carefully twisted the bee so it was slanted.  She then said to me, in a casual aside, "I like it tilted, 'cause that's how bees fly."

Well, then.  I could not refute her aesthetics, or her observations of the natural world, so the bee remains as you see in the photo.

The more I looked at it, the more I decided she was right.  I like it, too.


  1. that is just about the sweetest thing, ever. Isn't it amazing how a wee lass can change the way you look at everything?

  2. Kids see the world as it is, we often see it how we wish it was. I like the bee at an angle too! : )

  3. Leave it to kiddos to show you what makes sense. And that's the way I see bees too. Buzzing all tilt-a-whirl around you. Cute.

  4. She's amazing. And? Also just what you need.


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