21 March 2011

Irish Gumbo's Handy Breakfast Tips: Edition the First

I know we all need a little eye opener in the mornings many days, but here's a little tip for you:

When sprinkling a favorite spice on one's breakfast cereal and bananas, make sure that spice is cinnamon and not cayenne pepper.  Otherwise, that may be more 'zing' than one is looking for to jump start the day.

Just sayin'.


  1. Ha! Did you feel suddenly feisty?

  2. Cayenne is delicious is small sprinkles, and has some healing properties too. :)

  3. Oh, God. Like when Steve made me cinnamon toast. With salt, instead of sugah, sugah.


  4. snap, crackle, boot in the ass!

    pepper on bananas is not bad though


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