11 August 2011

Fearless Leader

Last Saturday, the Wee Lass and I were enjoying a stroll through a favorite park, down by the Patapsco River.  We had reversed course, as Her Royal Cuteness had declared, loudly, that she needed to void the royal bladder.  Well, what she said was "I gotta go potty, Daddy!", but you get the idea.

As we hoofed down the path on the way to the loo,  she announced that she was the leader, and that she should be in front.  So she increased her pace.  She looked over her shoulder to see how close I was getting.  When she saw me gaining on her, she knitted her brow, looked at me and quipped:

"I should be the leader, 'cause I'm a girl!"

She then turned her head forward and took off down the path, leaving me with jaw agape.

I had no ready reply or refutation.  Her logic was inescapable, and my only response was to grin and try to keep up with Fearless Leader.


  1. I am so glad to hear that she's got it all figured out. Perhaps a bit of your G-maw in there?

    Now I want you to teach her the lyrics to "Extraordinary" by Liz Phair (or at least the portion appropriate for little ears)!

  2. Impressive that she has already worked this one out. Look out, world...

  3. Powerful female genes, that one :) All power to her....!

  4. She's got it all figured out doesn't she? I wee genius. :)

  5. L.O.L}Hands down the cutest funniest story I have ever heard.

  6. She picks up on things quickley,that one does!

  7. I read this to Eldest. Her response: "I love her and I love him."

  8. Younger said, "I LIKE it. It turns out she needs no corrupting. She's already all feminist!"


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