30 August 2011

New for 2012: The 2-Door (Hatch) Back Spasm!

Maybe its just me.  Whenever I see the little car known as the Fit (by a car maker whose name rhymes with "Rhonda"), I cannot help but laugh.

You see, when I read the word Fit, I don't think of it in the senses of "appropriate for the circumstances" or "suiting the dimensions and shape of something".  I mean, I do, but not when I see that word applied to car.  When I see it capitalized and in a logo, my mind automatically leaps to the definition of fit as in "having a tantrum" or "a state of being characterized by involuntary spasms, tics or outbursts, and usually associated with extreme emotional upset".

So when I see the Fit on the roadways?  I laugh, and I hope there won't be a fit.  What about you?


  1. My friends drives one. It's a decent little car. But since they have three kids, ages 2-9, "Fit" is an appropriate moniker for most things in their lives...

  2. And if a fit should occur upon sighting of aforementioned car, I hope it is far away from you and your car

  3. I just thought it was a dumb name for a car, but now that you've framed this in a new light for me, I'm going to be laughing. Waaay mo' better.

  4. haven't noticed this car, but then again, i tend not to notice the make of a car, just its proximity to mine, sugar! ;) but i'll have to look for this one just so i can laugh! xoxoxo

  5. interesting how we see things in world based on our experiences. how is the wee lass doing?

  6. I think they're adorable...but the Toyota Tantrum? Not so much
    Ditto the KIA Koniption ( yeah they went cute with the K)

  7. Yep, my Mia is on the fritz, cost too much to frix, LOL

    I am looking for something to call my sweetheart...oh I used the last post as that jumping point...late night boredom has taken over my mind...my cracks are filling in with a blue moom *slurp!*


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