18 August 2011

I Am Both

The physicist Murray Gell-Mann wrote an entire book about systems simple and complex, entitled The Quark and The Jaguar, and I rediscovered it recently, sitting on the bookshelf where I stored it many months ago.  The cover is adorned with a marvelous photograph of a jaguar.  I like to take the book out and look at the picture, occasionally.

I needed to look up a word, so I was standing at the shelf with the dictionary in hand when I absentmindedly picked up the Gell-Mann book.  The eyes of the jaguar flashed in the low light of the wall sconce, and I imagined a growl in my mind...

...the fatigue of recent days carried me off in a swirl of memories and questions and wondering just how I got to be Here, as I Am, in this Now.  Right Here.  Wondering how, what, why. And who.

The notion came to mind that I am the simple, and the complex.  The quantam wavefronts that coalesced into the pattern of Me is what makes me Me.

I am the quark and the jaguar.



  1. Quark Jaguar is definitely a sci-fi name if ever I heard one...


  3. Did I ever send you the link to the guy that hangs out in the jungle trying to take photos of jaguars?

    Anyway, yes, you are both. Also, too bad the book title is already taken, because that would be an excellent blog title.


"Let your laws come undone
Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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