16 August 2011

Now I Don't Know What To Put On My French Fries

WTH, G**gl*?

The targeted ads?  You think you could improve the algorithms that govern how the sidebar ads get selected?  Because I've seem some bizarro stuff in my sidebar, but this takes the cake.

Right now, on the side of my email window are four ads.  Three of them are for new cars.  Nothing in the email that was on display said anything about new cars, but not so out there, ya know?

The fourth ad?

It says "Vinegar Douche: Learn about new ways to freshness."

I didn't see any references to condiments, seasonings or flavorings.  How does this even happen?


I'm feeling a little uncomfortable about my next order of fries.  Thanks, G**gl*.


  1. A vinegar douche? Seems iffy. I'd stay away from it if I were you... :)

  2. That used to be the norm at the store. Vinegar douches, I mean. Before the beautiful "strawberry" ones.

    Eeek. I'm aging myself!

  3. Great blog! The tags are highly amusing too. I also thought ramadan was a noodle dish, until I found out it's what you say when you've finished drinking your rum. All done.

    masterymistery at
    cosmic rapture

  4. rene just makes me laugh. i like the combonation of posts we can find here. deep, sad, light, breezey, religious?, critical, hopeful and always thoughtful. Ingredients to a gumbo perhaps?

  5. well, you know what they say, sugar, reading is FUNdamental.. xoxo


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