06 October 2011

Bitter Apples

So Steve Jobs has passed away.  How about that.

Another businessman has left this mortal coil, and our lives go on as they were.  I'm confident even those addicted to their shiny things will be fine.

I feel sympathy for his wife and kids, his family, his friends.  They knew him best, some of them even loved him, I am sure.  Smart guy, had some big ideas and wicked good business acumen.

But this isn't the death of some techno-Jesus, a silicon messiah spreading the computer gospels.  While he accomplished noteworthy things, in the end its all toys, and the flash and dazzle doesn't save anyone from dying. 

Don't worry, you "fans" of apples, life will go on, and you will be okay.


  1. Thank You for that, I am glad someone finally said it. With the continuous cycle of eulogizing on the TV, radio and the I-Net, you'd have thought he invented a cure for cancer, not electronic devices...

  2. Wait, he wasn't the Digi-Messiah? Now I feel silly for sacrificing that fatted iPod..

  3. You are correct, it’s the people that he has left behind not the multi-Billion dollar company with all the shiny toys it produces which he help to found and direct that I feel sorry for. Apple the master of style over substance… I will leave my anti-apple rant to another place and time.

  4. Irish, don't forget, he also invented Pixar .. movies are not the same now either. It was not all about toys, hospitals also use technology that came from his work.
    I think this anti-Steve Jobs thing is typical of anyone who makes an impact on the world .. there will always be people with negatives to list.
    I prefer to think that at the end of the day, he was a man with a family and friends and they are going to miss him.
    Hopefully we can all same the same things about ourselves.

  5. Interesting take! I bet there's a lot or applause as well as booing for what you say. But, as you point out, life will go on, and we all will be ok - I hope :)


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