03 October 2011

Magpie Tales 85: Dream of the Disaster Relief Engineer

Image via Tess at Magpie Tales

Thirty five years in the business
Cleaning up diabolical messes
He lay abed in a mess of his own
Veins occluded by whispers of Morpheus

Harrisburg, Pripyat, Fukushima,
Ionization writ in the blood and bones
In fevered sleep he breathed, laughed:
Unlikely angel come to carry him home


  1. Hey...that would be a pretty cool mode of transportation...in the end.

  2. That's a cool message and warning, IG. Thoughtful writing.

  3. Wonderful contrasts here. I have witnessed morphine induced dreams at my mother's death bed. Elephant angels would be perfectly plausible. Your short poem spans a wide scene of horror, with perhaps a hint of relief in an afterlife.

  4. This had a live by the sword, die by the sword feel for me ... great Magpie!

  5. Wow. Excellent, my friend!

    That photo is really cool too. What great inspiration for the imagination.

  6. ha. great closing line...what a fantastical angel that would be...and to die with a smile on ones face...

  7. I'd worry that he might accidentally land on me. But 's as an angel, that one sure is pretty unexpected :)

  8. You have come up with a truly thought-provoking take on the prompt...

  9. That last line is just wonderful

  10. well conceived response to the prompt

  11. An unlikely angel, indeed. Well done. If you're curious. my Magpie 85 is Topsy.

  12. I wonder if this could be nature getting revenge for all the crap we pull, imaging if one of those were overhead when it decided to go :)


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