15 December 2008

How Many Shoes Is That In Dog Terms?

From the Unintentionally Funny Files, we have another good 'un! I read about this in this morning's paper, and after I wiped up the bits of scone I sprayed over the page I reckoned that this was definitely mock-worthy:

We certainly have not seen anything approaching the antics in the smackdown that is the Taiwanese legislature:

About the closest we ever seem to get here (beyond the occasional pie throwing incident) is some offhanded cussing:

The shoe throwing incident just about ices the cake. I am not condoning any kind of violence against individuals, but while I was watching the various videos of the event, I couldn't help but feel a little...sympathetic?... towards the reporter who threw the shoes. I guess that is because of the unbearable frustration he was feeling, that many of us are all feeling here and around the world with the Current Occupant. Even now, in the waning days of an administration that has given new depth to the word 'clueless' there are still declarations that that things are just great, and we are winning, that victory is in sight (please, sir, define 'victory' when we still don't really have a good explanation for 'starting this mess') and it just comes across as violently galling.

What a fine example of the amazing cultural differences that exist around the world. The fact that the reporter threw his shoes at POTUS (POTUS sounds like a good hillbilly name: 'Potus, git yer ass out of that trash can!) speaks volumes about how many Iraqis probably feel. I'm sure that many Iraqis were glad to see Saddam Hussein gone, but look at the collateral damage! And then the person chiefly responsible for setting in motion the events that led to the horrible violence, misery and near destruction of their country shows up saying something like 'Great, we're doin' great, y'all!' Well, how would you expect them to feel? Throwing shoes is a sign of contempt in that part of the world ("A farewell kiss to a dog", is that what he said?), and probably one of the most effective methods of expressing displeasure that most likely would not result in personal injury.

Who knows, maybe the guy was intoxicated. Maybe he is secretly affiliated with an insurgent group. Maybe he is just a nutcase with an axe to grind. Or maybe he was just a fairly ordinary citizen who has seen his country torn apart, and was just fed up with it all. I'm glad nobody was hurt, but you have to admire the chutzpah. And in all fairness, W deserves some props: he ducked those shoes like a pro. But then, he's had a lot of practice.


  1. Lol - I love the tags you put on this. And I agree, aside from the real implications of violence and the scary lack of response from secret service, this was plain funny and a little cathartic to watch.

  2. Mutter mutter, shoe bomber, mutter mutter...smell of a missed opportunity.

    Oh well. Mainly, I was surprised at how good Bush's reflexes are, given how drugged he's seemed...

  3. Ok Irish, I just read your blog (for the most part) while the sick baby sleeps. adn if I don't comment fast you know she will wake up and get me distracted. First, your kid is beautiful, and very much a wee lass. Also, been there on the layoff, but more on the you're fired end, but it was completely unfair, and I am still seeing red, so thanks for helping me see less of the red and more of me. Also trying to reinvent myself but don't even have a blueprint (hey, architect humor for ya!). Also, I am sorry to read about your twins. Breaks my heart, and sorry is all I've got.

    Ok, I think I got it all in, oh, and you're writing is kinda ok too :) Look forward to hanging around more...

  4. His version of biological warfare?

  5. Anndi: Good one! I hadn't thought of that angle. Maybe his nickname could be "Fungal Ali"!

  6. Say it with shoes! Right on Iraqi dude.

  7. he only ducked the flying shoes, because the one stuck up his ass was irritating his colon.

    thanks for coming by and i am putting you on roll because basically? messed up irish folk need to stick together. clan and all that.

  8. MIW:

    Amen to the messed up Irish folk! Can I get a whutwhut!?

    And thank you!

  9. I don't really care what inspired the man to start throwing his footwear at W, I am just glad he did. Funniest damn thing I've seen in a long time. The wife and I burst out laughing when we saw it on TV. Good times!



  10. One of our former PM's strangled a heckler in a crowd. That's just good time fun.

  11. Great! You just made me spit coffee all over my computer! =)

  12. I was also impressed with George's abilities. I wonder if Laura has been chucking shoes at him too.

  13. I was trying to think of a Twitterish way to remark on his reflexes while relating it to his 8 years in office, but got sleepy just thinking about it. Thank you for this! You summed it up quite nicely!

  14. It is you my dear who are clueless. Had that reporter thrown a shoe during Saddam's dictatorship he would have been shot on the spot. Myself and my fellow military members will continue to fight for that idiots right to throw shoes...and for you to be clueless.

  15. Ummm...okay, but this post was in no way a comment on the military or what they are doing.

    I think the armed services are doing the best they can, in spite of a C-in-C who has shown himself to be inept. That makes the job you guys are doing even more impressive.

  16. I'm incredibly impressed he managed to duck, but I'm more impressed with the reporter because he had time to get a SECOND shoe off and thrown!

  17. I am more of a spirtual person now rather than a going to church every Sunday religious one, but after seeing that video and hearing what happened I was reminded of this passage in the Bible another good use of my parents money on private school. It is in the the first part of Matthew 10:

    As you enter the house, greet it. And if the house is worthy, let your peace come upon it; but if it is not worthy, let your peace return to you And if any one will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet as you leave that house or town. Truly, I say to you, it shall be more bearable on the day of judgment for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah than for that town

    Interesting I think on what happened and where it happened. I would like to think that if this man entered my house I would shake the dirt from my shoes and leave. : )

  18. If George W were to enter my house that is....Just wanted to clarify : )


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