09 December 2008

Not As Bad As When She Substituted 'T' for 'K'

Kudos to the Wee Lass for saving my bacon post-wise tonight. I was racking my brain for something, anything to inflict on the keyboard. The well was coming up dry when I remembered the newsletter that was put out by our day care. One of the regular features in the newsletter is an "interview" with one or two of the kids. This time it Wee Lass and her best bud in the spotlight, and of course the little charmer hit the softball questions OUTTATHEPARK! Here are some excerpts from the interview:

What is your favorite color? Pink.

Favorite foods? Chicken.

Who is your best friend? Janie (name changed to protect the other innocent).

But the home run, the proud maker, the best question of all:

What do you like to do for fun?

I give you her in answer in the middle of the photo below:

Isn't that wonderful? The Spouse and I had the same reaction when we read: belly laugh. Isn't that hilarious, oh, she is so FUNNY and thankfully she doesn't know it! HaHaHaHa...wait a minute. This is in the newsletter. The printed newsletter. The one that was issued to all the kids and their parents. The newsletter that is probably tacked up on the main bulletin board at day care. (Sigh.) Well, as long as Wee Lass doesn't ask me what is so funny. Hard to avoid that "Huh, huh, she said balls!" Beavis-and-Butthead reaction, especially when I am tired. However, as the title suggests, this is not as bad as when our precious little public speaker pronounced (mercifully briefly) her K's as T's. Some of our neighbors (bless them?) took great glee in asking her to say a certain word for the amusement of us all. And Wee Lass was a pretty good sport about it.

But now I can't hear the word "kitty" in the same way anymore.


  1. I LOVED that age. I had so much fun with mine then.

  2. SECOND!!

    LOL! And D'oh! Oh well, maybe they didn't tack it up at the daycare. You can hope, right? ;)

  3. Oh gees!! Kids are too funny for their own good, even when they aren't trying.

  4. Your daughter's "Play with Balls" and my daughter's Sphere of Hotness just rock LOL


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