20 December 2008

Psecret Psanta: So That's How They Fly!

That Santa, he’s a little naughtier than I thought, but quite a groovy dude for all that. I always suspected that something was up with him, staying up all night and flying around the world. How could he DO that? The only people I ever knew who could do anything like that were probably on drugs! Ha, ha, isn’t that funny, Santa Claus and his reindeer on drugs, hoo boy is that a hoot or what? Don’t be silly, that can--, wait a second. What is this I see? Can it be true? No way! And it’s right there in an Advent Calendar, of all places! How can this be? Santa, I hardly knew ye!

Perhaps I should explain. The other day, The Spouse brought home an Advent calendar for the Wee Lass. She bought it from the local outpost of a national specialty grocery store. It is a special calendar that has a festive cartoon Christmas scene on the front, Santa waving cheerily with a bag of toys in one hand with a tree and fireplace and toys on the floor behind him. The calendar contains little numbered compartments that contain a small chocolate treat. The compartments are accessed through little cutout hatches cut into the cardboard. The numbers are on the front, and you open the appropriate compartment on the day with the corresponding number as you count down to Christmas. Wee Lass has been really excited each morning when she comes downstairs, because she gets to call out the number AND get a little chocolate treat.

Each of the chocolates is embossed with a mold of something, intended to be an item or animal or whatever, that one would assume is typically associated with the Christmas season. Stuff like reindeer, candy canes, toys, etc. So each day we have seen something new, including this nice little holiday wreath:

Isn’t that nice? And then there is this cute little fellow:

Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer, indeed! But then there was this:

Huh? St. Patrimas Day? Merry Chrisrick? Was it Santa that drove the snakes out of Ireland? Well, okay, I can work with that, that’s cool. And then there was this curious little treat:

….Really? ‘Shrooms? OHHH, now I get it! So that’s how they “fly”. Very clever! Fortunately, Wee Lass exhibited no untoward effects from the chocolate, aside from the normal loopiness one would expect from a four-year old on refined sugar.

I’m a little concerned, though. What’s next? Cane toads?


  1. White Christmas? It all takes on a different meaning now.

  2. The candy shoppe ran out of Christmasy prints and just borrowed from the everyday ones? :)

  3. A ha ha!! I think I've bought that advent calendar before.. was it from Trader Joe's??.. Man, I miss TJ's...

  4. CD: Why, whatever do you mean? (grin)

    AL: Good theory! Maybe they had some 'special' paper...

    CPM: Madam, I can neither confirm nor deny the identity in question ;)

  5. the way my mind works I was expected to see a naked santa, or a cigar, or a girl in a bikini....lol. I mean how difficult is it to come up with 24 different christmas icons? star, christmas tree, present, reindeer, santa, elf, sleigh, stocking, ornament, candy cane, lights, nativity scene, northpole, bell, angel, candle, snow man, hmmmmm i am tired...ok, throw in the shramrock and the shrooms...I can't wait to see tomorrows!

  6. So perhaps Rudolph's red nose was really an acid trip all along?

  7. Dude, that's trippy! I thought Santa's cheeks were red from too much booze!
    Thanks for the award! As soon as I figure out how to add one to my sidebar, I will add it! (Seriously, really bad at techie stuff over here. I can turn on the computer, post, link, and shut it down and even that is questionable..)

  8. Irish - loved the post. I didn't quite get the mushroom bit but mum was giggling and talking about something to do with them being magic, or something. Anyway, it made mum want an advent calendar. Mum used to get all hyper about Christmas when she was a girl. Also, thank you for the award - I couldn't help but laugh at what Sprite's Keeper said - that's a bit like me, but I HAVE worked out how to add stuff finally:)

  9. Whoa, that's some Advent calendar! Ours are much more generic, but now I'm not so sure that's a good thing ;) .

  10. Yes, do continue to post the advents so we can live vicariously through wee lass' joy of chocolate, and perhaps re-live some college days joy of, well, what have you. Shrooms?

    And thank you dear sir for the award...

  11. Hey, whatever it takes to fly. whatever it takes.

  12. Hey, we have that calendar. Thirteen year old forgot all about it. He is now eating the treats from days 1-21. I'll let you know if he starts tripping.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  13. I think PETA will get after you if you start caning toads....just sayin'.

  14. Santa's fat cause he has the munchies???

  15. I knew Santa had to be flying high. Well flying while high. That makes perfect sense to me now, except that that shroom doesn't have a purple ring on it...

  16. what's an advent calendar?

  17. Krystal:

    See this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advent_calendar

    Honestly? I didn't really know what one was either, until this year. Or, more likely, I forgot what it was!


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