05 December 2008

Jumping Out Of Planes: Can I Ask A Favor?

A few days ago, Danny Evans over at DadGoneMad posted this on the subject of a 'special' kind of 'selling'. As I mentioned in an earlier post of my own, if it wasn't for that same Mr. Evans I probably wouldn't have attempted any of this. Which leads me to what I am about to ask of you, dear readers.

Circumstances in my life have pushed me to find a creative outlet, something I can call my own, something where the output is almost solely at my own discretion. Since I suck at sports and can't sing or play an instrument worth a tinker's damn, it looks like that outlet is writing. I write a lot. Every day, to be exact. Lately, its all I have really wanted to do. With all that and the enormous pressure of ideas in my head (and I am not making any value judgements of them at this time) I have been writing some essays and short stories. nothing published yet, but that is the long range plan.

This is where you guys come in.

I have posted a short story on Google documents called Run No More, and I am going to throw it on the mercy of your court by asking anyone who is interested to give it a read. I know everyone is busy about now, but it is short, so it won't take away from your valuable free time. I offer this up for your interest and critique; I would love to get some feedback. A writer friend of mine told me to find my voice, and I reckon your input would help me do just that.

Beyond that, I offer the following funny video, apropos of nothing, because we could all use a good laugh:

Merry Christmas, everyone!
(A special tip o' the hat to my Big Bro for bringing the video to my attention. Ha!)


  1. I love Lego. I'm going to go check our your story. But before I go


    Customized Lego weapons.

    Merry Christmas.

  2. Hey Kevin, that was pretty damn good. Seriously. My only suggestion would be that your characters don't use each others names so often when they're speaking, it doesn't sound natural. Hopefully you were serious about the feedback. You can read some of my stuff and trash it.

  3. Hey, came over from Mama Dawg's. I started my blog for much the same reasons - creative outlet, a writing space, finding my writer's voice after many years. I'm not so comfortable giving feedback in an open forum, but if you email me I will. phhhst@gmail.com

  4. Gumbo, Cpt. Dumbass reccomended
    the story, very well written,
    you could see the extent of their
    misery and situation. You're left
    with just that little bit of doubt
    as to whether or not his friend would still be alive...
    Cpt. DA Mom

  5. Loved the video. Thanks for sharing it with me!


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