31 December 2008

Last Page of The Book

'Twas a Bitter Glass, but Good
Cool fingers, redolent of peat fires and
Salmon, brushing my face
I gasp to be so far from home.

Smoky mirror distorted through the glass
as I raise my arm, a toast
to the briefly brilliant stars.

I cough, throat tight with their memories,
This amber courage watered with tears
as I, frantic, beseeched Him to grant this:

You have taken out their fire,
Please leave me their warmth.

I wrote this in honor of my first two children, their memories residing in my heart. But really, it could be for anyone we wish was with us but is not. Raise a glass to them tonight. May the coming year be kind to you all! Slainte!


  1. my glass will be rasied high

    and my heart will be warm

  2. Irish, that was beautiful, my eyes are damp, my heart is swelling. My glass is raised to you and yours. Happy New Year and a special prayer for a better year in 09.

  3. Very nice Gumby....I'll drink with you! :)

  4. To all:


    Happy New year!

  5. That got me all teary eyed ... so beautiful!

  6. Irish,

    Once again you leave me speechless...



  7. Incredible... Wow.

    Happy New Year to the Gumbos.

  8. Slainte! All the very best to you and yours for 2009!

  9. wow! that must have been the hardest page to write. Tremendous goodbye. Happy New Year.

  10. 24@Heart: Have a hanky, dear. And thank you!

    IB: It is my goal to have everyone silent by the end of the New Year! (grin) Thank you, and peace.

    Robin: Thanks!

    Michelle: Thank you!

    PPR: It was, but also cathartic. Thanks!

    Braja: And cheers to yuou!

  11. Here here, I join your toast. I hope 2009 brings a brighter year for you and your family! Happy New Year!

  12. Oh, my.

    Oh, MY.

    *wipes eyes*

    Happy New Year, hon. Salud.

  13. Beautiful. Beautiful and bittersweet.

    May their memory be eternal.

  14. Beautiful.
    All relationships are eternal.
    Happy New Year, IB.

  15. That was beautiful.

    So beautiful, I think I might just life a glass to yours tonight (continuation of last nights festivities).

    Oh, and the DKM? I LOVE that version of that song.

    So much so, that I looked up DKM (never heard of 'em before) and now I'm hooked.


  16. quit showing all this depth and emotional literacy or we will have to rewrite all the metaphors and stereotypes women use to describe youse guys....

    JUST KIDDING of course. that was simply sublime! I felt an icy finger on my spine as I read your words.....here's to happier days!

  17. Slainte! (Glass raised high to keep tears out of Guinness... it just wouldn't do).

  18. Casey: *clink* Thank you, and blessings to you in 2009!

    Jan: I’m working on the tissue-dispenser gadget. Happy New Year to you!

    CPM and OAM: Thank you. I reckon the memory will be :)

    MD: Thanks. And glad you liked the DKM! I think they have a tune for every occasion, just as a good Irish band should!

    SSP: Sorry *shame*, I know I am a discredit to my gender ;) Thank you for your kind words.

    Mister: *clink* I see you’ve got the technique down pat. Besides, tears go better with whiskey :)

  19. I raise my glass, and bow my head. Peace be with you.

  20. Looks like I picked the wrong year to quit drinking...

    Beautiful, IG. I wish you the very best in 2009.

  21. Slàinte! Ah, you not only have the heart of an Irishman but the pen also! That was wonderful!

  22. My fourth child was a twin,his brother I lost at birth. Not something I talk about much. It is heartbreaking to lose anyone especially a child. That verse was beautiful and very much so gave me peace. Happy New Year!!

  23. Late to this one Irish. But Cheers to you and a big old hug for you. This piece is excellent, and I imagine cathartic. I will raise my glass with you, and take a moment to think of your brilliant stars, and wish for some peace for you, friend.

  24. VM: Make sure you don’t hit your head on your glass! Thank you (and also with you :)

    MIW: Thank you, a big celtic hug for ya! (P.S. loved the Annie Lennox!)

    GF: It was also a good year to give up sniffing glue! Thank you for the compliment, and the best to you and yours in ’09.

    Joanie: *sniff* Thank you, that was a shot in the arm!

    Sarah: My dear, I am so sorry for your loss. No one wants to walk this road at all, but let’s walk it together, shall we? Always glad to help with the peace…

    Ashley: Thanks for the hug and the compliment. Spot on with the catharsis *clink*!

  25. I raise my glass with you share with you this sentiment

  26. "You have taken out their fire, Please leave me their warmth."

    I just wrote that down to carry in my wallet. In tough times, I will lean on those words as my heartfelt prayer.

    Very beautiful...*clink*

  27. Krystal & Simplicity:

    Ladies, thank you both. The last stanza is a variation on a Scottish(?) proverb; I found it so beautiful, it was only a matter of time before it came out in my writing.

    *clink* (it's tea, because it's early in the morning! ;)


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