10 December 2008

Woo-Hoo, Everybody! I Got Laid......Off

I didn't duck fast enough. I couldn't outrun the wolves. What is worse, I wasn't even really aware that the wolves were after me. Or maybe it was cheetahs:

I got the "Do you have a minute, in the conference room?" approach just minutes before lunch today. Double suck for me, I get really cranky when I don't eat on a regular basis. I had to go in there with no food in my stomach. Wait, maybe that was a good thing. Nothing to hurl when I felt that punch in the stomach.

The tidal wave of the recessionary economy finally hit the beach I was standing on, so now I am bobbing around in the rip current. After about 16 years of steady employment, I am now out of work for the first time since the early 1990's.

Not to put too fine of a point on it, this sucks donkeys.

I have been in this position before, but I was younger (a lot younger) and I didn't have a kid and a mortgage. My cushion is a little bigger, but so are the obligations. Of course, I am not telling you all anything you don't already know.

Right now I am not as upset as I thought I would be, oddly enough. Yes, this is awful; the short term disruptions (two weeks before Christmas!) are aggravating as hell. I don't look forward to doing the unemployment office dance. I still have bad memories of that from last time. On the other hand, I am trying to remain positive. Truth be known, the position I was in was not the ideal for me. I was chafing under the management style, and struggling with a lack of adequate resources. I was not the best I could be.

Yes, it paid the bills. And I am sick at heart to lose that means of support. Got to make that dolla, or I'm gonna holla, boyeee! Right?

On the drive home, I was thinking about everything and thinking about nothing, trying to keep the worry off my mind. I realized that this is a "crossroads" moment. I could resign myself to possible months of unemployment while trying to replace my old self with the same thing. Or maybe, just maybe, this is a golden opportunity for REINVENTION. Maybe now is the time to truly find that thing that will combine what I want to do with want I need to do.

I can't say that I was filled with an overwhelming peace, or that I had a true epiphany. No beams of light or angels coming out of the sky. But I did feel more at ease. If ever there was a time for positive change this would be it. In the short term, I'll be looking for another architectin' type job (if anyone needs a freelance designer, I'm your man!), but in the long term? Hmm. Perhaps its time to learn to make a different kind of gumbo.

Wish me luck, and peace to all!


  1. Dude. I am so, so sorry. We're in the same sad club now ;).

    We should reinvent ourselves together. Some kind of clown-shoe/bowling ball website, maybe?

    Call me.

  2. Commiserations.

    But the right attitude. Absolutley. New future, new job, new dreams.

    I became self-employed after being dumped during the last major recession. Best decision I ever made.

    Good luck!

  3. if the Irish made it through the potatoe famin,just remeber
    who you are and you will be
    fine.I know who you are.

    old Irishman

  4. wow. the timing of these people. Perhaps they will be visited by 3 ghosts on X-mas eve and call you and offer you a raise instead.


    You sound like you are either in the right mind to do something great here, or that was a pep talk for yourself. The write it down so you think it kind of exercise. No matter what it is... it's absolutely how you should be thinking. So right on!

    Find the joy in the interruption of your dollar earning and make things the way you want them. I bet you will turn this into a "best thing that ever happened to you" thing.

    Good luck.

  5. That blows, my friend. I'm sorry to hear it. My whole department got the axe back in September. I got a pretty sweet package.

    Wait... I got a pretty sweet FINANCIAL package which let me take a year off with my kids, but come the end of next summer I'll be back to whoring myself. Talk about reinventing, at least you have job skills.

    Hmm, there's always pimpin.

  6. I smell a trifecta of the Captain, goodfather and you in the works.

    So sorry. I wish you the best of luck.

  7. First time visitor via Goodfather.

    Let's hope the monkey wrench thrown your way will allow you to go on to better opportunities.

  8. Ack! This happened to me a year ago on Dec 6. It's the suck! But maybe the best suck, because, as you say, when else are you INVITED to rethink precisely where you are going career-wise? Meh, though. Happy effing cheetah-feast!

  9. I am so sorry that you had to go through this but glad that you can reinvent yourself. I am trying to avoid this as there is noback-up in our home. This recession sucks!

  10. First time reading the blog. Although I came at kind of a bad time, I like your general point of view. Also, since Dad Gone Mad has directed us to "Comment Your Balls Off" considered this to be a metaphorical handing off of my balls...so to speak.

    And Murphy's is my favorite, edging Guinness by a hair.

  11. I'm new to your blog, but I'm sincerely sorry for your situation. We're not there on THIS day, but there are rumblings at hubby's work about layoffs after the first of the year. Like you, not a new experience for us - never pleasant, but somehow, life moves forward.

    My name's Chris. Nice to meet you. I'll check in on you...

  12. Oh, Irish, I'm so sorry I missed this! I'm adding you to my prayers along with Good Father. Not the Captain though. He's rolling in his SWEET financial package. I am constantly in fear of my company going through this as well. I cross fingers every day they call ANYONE in for a "meeting".

  13. OK, now I can see why you appreciated the "life is full of risks, take them or you'll feel dead" comment. Seems like it's a golden opportunity to reinvent, and if that chance is open to you (financially and thru the support of your family) then go for it...

  14. I'm here from Dad Gone Mad (commenting my boobs off, as instructed). So sorry to hear about the layoff. My husband was laid off about a year and a half ago - after 13 years. IT WAS THE BEST THING THAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED TO HIM. He truly hated his job and found a much better one six weeks after the layoff. He's a significantly happier camper now. Loves his new job. May the same happen to you!


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